Tortoise and the bird

Tortoise and the bird

Once opon a time there lived a village called agemo, im this village no animal is allowed to do without going hunting, everyone abide to this rule but tortoise refused to abide, he will prepare in the morning and go inside the bush to rest, after resting he will come back home and tell the village lie about not seeing any bush meat, they will pity him and give him some.
Tortoise as been using this trick for a long time.
One day the bird said to its self, why is it that out of all the animals only tortoise will come back home with nothing. One day the bird decided to follow tortoise unnoticed, as usual tortoise prepared himself and went into the bush without knowing the bird was following him. When he got to the bush he sat at a corner in the bush, the bird was watching him, when it was time to go home, tortoise packed his things and went home. The bird now understand why tortoise as not even coming home with bush meat, the bird went to the king and reported tortoise. One day the king sent his servants to follow tortoise and capture him after knowing the truth. The king servants followed tortoise unnoticed and caught tortoise. Tortoise was arrested and used as an example to other villagers. The king said Tortoise should be locked up and in the morning he should go to the farm and clear all the weeds in the farm everyday without resting. That’s how tortoise worked for the king forever because he did not listen to the king order.

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