The love of my life (part 2)

Hi, am smart this is a short story about the love of my life.

It was a cold Saturday, I was just waking up from bed, a call came in.

“Hello smart, how are you doing?

“Am fine, please can I know who’s on the line”.

“Its me wunmi”.

“Ohh, wunmi how have you been?

“Am fine, are you coming to church today?.

Yes of course I will be there but will be late.

Uhm, you and your lateness, make sure you come.

Then she hanged up.

I quickly jumped off the bed and went straight to the bathroom and took my bath, I was happy to receive a call from my crush. This was a great thing that happened to me on Saturday morning, I was over joyed.

I prepared myself, spread some perfume, looked into the mirror for almost 30 minutes and head straight to church.

My heart was beating fast, I tried my best to control my heart beat.

After some times I was okay.

Immediately I got to church, the first person I saw was my wunmi, waiting outside, I compose myself and went straight to her but before I got to her, a guy from nowhere appeared and hugged her.

I was so angry but what can I do, I encourage myself and went to her. I tried to hug her but she did as if she did not see that coming.

I was very disappointed in myself and promised myself not to try that again.

To be continue………..

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