October 21, 2021




Derrick stood up and moved closer to the trio

He looked from Cassandra to Betty… Then his gaze finally fell on Angela

He moved very close to her… That they could feel each others breath
He looked deep into her eyes

“So these are the reasons why you got me involved into this mess?…

“I did these for us too! Angela said defensively

“Seriously?.. For US… You never told me the major reason why you are doing these… You only said it was….” Betty cut in

“Enough of all these please… She turned to Angela “I told you this guy wasn’t perfect for this job… I told you he was going to fall for her… This lady here knows jow to win people’s heart… And now she has won his heart… Here he is trying to question us… Question what has added huge amount of money into his damn account….. This ingrate! Betty Fired

“Stop the name calling… Remember he is my fiancee ”


Do she just say Fiancee?

So she knew Derrick all along

It was all planned

“And that is the reason why he’s misbehaving now! Betty rage on

“Listen both of you… And listen very clearly… I admit I was stupid… Greedy and unreasonable…. You can call me what ever you want… Ingrate, ungrateful whatever!… But this is me saying I’m tired of all these shii I can’t continue!

Angela and Betty laughed

“Really?… And you think we will just let you walk out that door after everything we all did together?… We all planned these… And you know deeo down inside of you that you can’t just walk away so baby boy… Jus chill and let’s have fun… Its our pay day… We’ve gotten all we need… Dont mess things up now”. Betty said

“I said I’m done!

“And why is that? Tell me why donyou want to back out now?… Oh let me guess because of her?… Because she’s carrying your so called baby… Which we’re not certain its yours… Because three of us know what really happened that day”

Cassy cleared her throat
To gain their attention
“Can any of you mind telling me how all of these started… And how my supposed prince charming comes to play

“I’ll gladly do that sweetie” Angela sais with a smirk


I’ve been the one behind all your failed relationships
I hired guys… They do the dirty job… Extort money from you I pay tgem and they vanished into things air… But sone of them who tried to play smart.. I… Or should i say… We silence them…. You remember your Secondary school crush from Kings … Oh yea the one you were in a relationship at sone point… I liked that dude… But since The Almighty… All perfect Cassandra Dickson was there then I knew I won’t have the opportunity be with him… It hurts me so badly to see your relationship blossom everyday… At a point i knew if i dont act fast then you two will end up today… So I met Betty and she told me what to do… I told. Him crazy things about you… I must say it was really hard to convince him that you’re indeed a bad person…because he truly loves yiu and he still wanyed to make things work… But l never gave him the chance… I seduced him and we made out… And that I used against him with an evidence anyways… I yold him to walk away quietly or I tell the world who he was… Too bad he left without even telling you what you did…. You were hurt and I loved it…I was happy to watch you cry out your eyes… Dialing his number but never going… And you know how good I’m at consoling you and telling you everything will be alright…. Deep down i knew I had more troubles in stuck for you… And for your mother’s constant Disturbance about getting a man… I was behind it… Yes mothers can be a bit dramatic when it comes to Issue of marriage… But your mother’s own was quit different
I fueled the whole… I told her you were turning down prominent and promising me… And you clearly stated that getting married wasn’t on your to do list … I personally told her to pressurize you… If she havent pressurize you then maybe all the guys youve dated… You may not have…..you remember the get together party your parents organized?… Oh yea… I told your mom Chris was tue perfect guy for you… I knew you’ll never agree to marry him… So that was how my plan worked then…. Other relationships i was the architect of it… I never gave you opportunity to get someone yourself…. Every single guy after yoir first guy was all planned… All the places you met them everything thing they said and do was all planned and i knew everything single thing that was going on…

I thought I’ve finally failed when yiu came up with yhe idea of Disquising yourself… I tried to talk yiu out of it… Not because I cared as I told you… But because it wasn’t my own plan and I felt it was going to work out for you.. But after talking to Betty here… Indeed shes a woman of great ideas…. So made me see it was a blessing in disguise for us… We thought of who was perfect for the job…we needed someone we could trust… That was how we picked Derrick who’s real name is Michael… Hes the fiancee you never get to meet in person….. Ever since… We’ve been working hard to get our plan done… You remember the money He collected… With the excuse of Planning a birthday party for you…. I knew about the money and other money he collected…. The business you set up for him…. I was behind it….

Less I forgot… Me coming to leave. With you wasn’t because I had no where to go… I just wanted to be close enough to know enough that will help US…

I knew where all your documents were… But I couldn’t get it myself… Derrick did the job he was closer to you

I became very jealous seeing you two together
But I knew what it was all about and I couldn’t let my emotions getvthe best of me

We were able to meet with your lawyer

He was indeed a faithful and trustworthy person

He was a hard nut to crack

But I didn’t what i know how you do best

Seduced him
Made out with him
Videoed it
Used it against him
He was in a tight concer
He didn’t want to give in but
He still wanted to retain his image
So we made him sign the important papers… Give us access to your properties and businesses

He wanted to save the situation

So he called on that faithful day…. And he desperately wanted to speak to you… But You were not fit

We gave you a lot to think about that you didn’t cared about Whatever it was he wanted to say to you….
You remembered my reaction when you mention your lawyer called
I wasn’t expecting him to have the courage to want to disclose anything to you…..
So I told Betty and we went to confront him…

We killed him when he tried to say more than we told him yo say…. Leaving that man alive was a risk

Derrick left… Not because of a distress call from any family

It was party of our plan

We were able to withdraw huge amount of money

It was very difficult…
In fact that happened to be the tough part of all our plans we carried out..

We were able to get your signature
Don’t be surprised

We planned. All these for years

We got the money
Not after the the bank manager called you which you didn’t take his calls

He was really reluctant
He was almost involved the police

I did what I knew how to do best
And he was on a hot site
Left with no choice but to do our bid

The S.x tape was all our doing
I don’t think you need any one to tell you that

You’re no longer the Cassandra Dickson eveyone know

Your family


Your village

And Every other places you’re known

You’ve become a Nobody

Your life is ruined!


On hearing all Angela had said

Cassandra knew truly she was ruined
There was nothing left for her to live for

She had cried
To the extent that tears dried up in her eyes

“Are you happy now?…she managed to ask

“Of course… I’m personally happy to see you like this… I’m tired to hearing all about you all the time” Betty said and winked

“Cassandra…I’m sincerely sorry… I…” He made to touch her

“Don’t”!…. Please…don’t come closer ! Cassy said holding up her hand to stop him

“I really do.love you… I meant every word of it…. I know I can’t fix what has happened… But I can….” She cut in

“You can’t do anything Derrick… Or rather Michael… !

At that moment he knew he had lost the woman he truly love and who loved him with all her heart

Life became worthless

Guilt was killing him

He couldn’t take it anymore

“I’m leaving! He said and began to walk away

“Don’t you dare!

“Do your worst Angela!

“Oh really” she said and brought out a rifle.. She moved close to Cassy and handed her the gu.n

“Take it! Angela ordered with a death stare

Cassy refused

“Go on and take it it doesn’t bite” Betty coaxed

The lady was really acting like everything that was hoing on wasn’t serious at all

Meanwhile…Derrick stood at the door watching what was going on… Something yold hom to leave as soon as possible… But no…. He won’t… Afterall there was no life for him outside that door. He was going to wait and see what would happen

Cassandra took the rifle… With a trembling hand…..

Angela pointed another to her head

“Now you’ll do exactly as I say… If you try anything funny… I’ll put a hole through your skull! She threatened

Cassandra shivered

Derrick stood still watching

Betty sat down legs crossed with a drunk in one hand…. She was having a good time

“Your fingeron the trigger! Angela

Cassy did as she was told

Angela raised her hand to focus on Derrick

“Now darling… Do you still want to walk away … Or your Sweetheart here should pull the Trigger?

“I’m leaving… Do what ever you want but don’t her involved again!

“Of course you know we too well… I don’t leave any stone unturned… I always clear my path… So don’t expect me to do this myself right now… ”

“Please don’t do this…. He’s the father of my child… Please! I…. I still love him… ”

Betty and Angie laughed

Angela became serious

“No need yo sparing this guy” she thought

How it all happened Cause couldn’t explain

But she knew she pulled the trigger

And she saw Derrick fell

Laying in his pull of blood


She killed him

In a twinkle of an eyes

She was handcuffed and thrown at the back of a police vehicle….. She was arrested….. Just like that

The people behind her predicament played the victim

How they inflicted injuries on themselves claiming she did it… Was still a surprise to her

It was a terrible Nightmare for Cassandra Dickson!

She kept on tapping her self

To see if she would wake up

Too bad

She was wide awake

Her whole world has collapsed

She was D.o.omed !

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