October 21, 2021



Cassandra was shocked to the bone on seeing betty

Yes the same betty of Queens collage… The leader of ‘pink ladies’… Bsck in secondary school… And yes the same Betty who harassed Angela… That made Cassandra fought and got punished

And yes y’all remember how Angela and Cassandra became best of friends

Because of this same Betty!

What was going on?

She haven’t seen Betty in years
In fact she fought anyone like her exist
But she was right there in her house
Or rather… Someone else’s house because it wasn’t has anymore

“Can someone just tell me what’s going on here?…. Just today a lot have happened but I still don’t get what’s going on… Maybe its some sort of prank or….” Betty cut in

“Or what?… She laughed hysterically

Cassy gulped down

“Angie what’s going on?… What is really happening?. Just tell me its all a dream”. She said with a glim of tears in her eyes

Angela looked at her in disgust.

Like they were some sort of Enemies

“Its pay back time baby girl” Betty said with a mischievous grin..

Indeed she was really having a good time… See Cassandra So confused

And totally ruined

“Pay… Pay back for what? She managed to ask… Because her throat were dried…

“For playing a super hero! Betty said

“I don’t get? Cassy was confused the more

“Queens College?

“Yes… We all attended Queens… So?

“So you remember Pink ladies?

“You were the leader… Everyone knew”

“Well I doubt you don’t know… Because if you had…then maybe you would have stayed in your lane and pretend like you didn’t see anything on that faithful day… But instead you can go show your self…. Always wanting to be called the heroine… Always wanted to receive all the accolades…. And glories…. (She smiled)… Too bad you messed with the wrong person!

Everything began to be clear

What was happening was true

Angela was behind it…

Betty was the architect of everything

And…. And Derrick….. Was he also part of the plan?

Oh yes!

“But why? Cassy asked in tears…”why would you of all people Angela want to see me fall… What have I done… To deserve y’all ruining my entire life in just a day… Or maybe before now… Tell me where I’ve failed as a friend? I thought we were best friends….” Cassy lost words to say

“Friends you say? Angela and Betty laughed wickedly

“Well let me shock you one more time…. Betty here have been my only and true friend… She opened my eyes to see what a pretentious person youre! Angela said

“This is not you talking… What happened to you… To us?.. To our 25 and more years friendship… What happened Angie?

“You happened Cassy!… I thought you were truly my friend… But No…you were only using me!

“Using you? For what exactly…. Did I ever treated you like a slave?

“No…but your treated me like a commoner… You always remind me I’m a nobody around you! You always oppress me with all you’ve achieved! You tell me things that makes me feel bad!

“Oh my goodness! Angela!???

“Don’t Angela me… Remember I once told you that rich people oppresses the poor directly or indirectly… Now you get what I meant…. You where oppressing me with your achievement, successes,fame and Beauty…. You always carry Yourself like the Perfect one…. Its always about you you and you… We’ve been friends… But I bet you don’t know much about me… Because you don’t really care… You always run to me… Looking for shoulders to cry on…. Do you care if I also need a shoulder to cry on…. You never cared Cassandra!… You were only pretending to care so I won’t notice how selfish you’re!

“Jesuschrist!…my head is about to explode right now!…oh no! Seriously Angie so all these while.. You had all these ib your mind and you never thought it was okay to tell me… Thing I do I do it not to oppress you or anyone… Its just me… Being me… I never tell you my achievements just to make you feel less of a human being… We’re friends and influence you should know stuff about me”

“Okay let’s just say we want to believe you …. But what do you have to say concerning you not caring to know anything about her… How she felt… How life is it with her or her family just anything… ”

“Look Betty… I know you’ve been giving her bad impression about me… But let’s all be sincere and face reality… No matter how close im to you I don’t like introducing into your personal affairs … If you feel its okay for me to know fine! .. But me coning to ask I don’t do that and she know… You won’t use that as a bases to want to hurt me or hurt me… Because im so damned and devastated right now…!

“That’s exactly how i want you to be! Angela put in without pity

Betty smirked triumphantly

“Speaking of intruding… You intruded years ago… Or were you trying to play the heroine ?

“That’s what she always does” Angela said

“Seriously? Youre using that again me?… Because I saved you….

“You save me to use me! Face it Cassandra Dickson!

“I can’t believe Betty has succeeded in getting the best part of you”

“Betty did nothing! You did…you pushed me… You made me wonder if at all i was your friend or just your handbag… Or tissue paper…. How will i forget.. How you always ditch me when even we attend any important event… Events where I shouldn’t have been if not for you!… You always wanted to be spotted out… Always in the lime light… Always want to stand out… Always outsmarting me… And out dressing too if there’s anything like that”

“All your reasons for ganging up with Betty to destroy my life and all i worked for is very petty… In fact i must say it is the silliest and stupidest thing any should ever thing of… Now yiu think im the fault for your low self esteem….. For… For… You feel oppressed because you don’t believe in yourself.. You let other people’s life make you see yourself worthless… Too bad you thought Taking everything I have would boost hour self esteem.. self confidence and self worth? Haha I pity you… ”

“Are you done? With your blabbing? Angela said

“Now listen to me…. I don’t care about self esteem… All I’ve ever wanted was to see you cry and beg for mercy… All I wanted was to see you ruined”

“And the only way you could carry that out was by DISGUISING to be my friend… Best friend for that matter”

“Exactly…. ” Betty chip in with a wink

“And now you want to see me before huh!

“Do you have a choice?

“Yes… We all do… Like you know… I hate troubles… Let’s just drop all these… Let’s stop this madness and pretend non of these happened… I’m ready to let go…. Even thi the damage have been done… But I’ll forgive and let go…and if you insist.. Then get prepared for the worst… Because am sure y’all won’t get anyway with any of these”

“These is some sort of negotiation or what?

“Look cassy you’re indeed very dumb… So you think 20years of planning your down fall will be so easy as to just let go… Who cares about your forgiveness?… Look we’re just getting started!

Cassy stood there staring at Angela


People could change
Or rather
Pretend this much

For years she thought she was wit a friend

For years she spent her life thinking Angela was truly her friend

She Disguised to find a man
But she never knew Someone right under her nose was Disgusting to be Friend….

Only to bring her down

Speaking of man

Where was Derrick?

Before Angela and Betty came

He was there

Where was he now…….

Right there with them… Listening

Sitting with his hand cupping his jaw

Eyes filled with regrets

He wished he was never a party of such stupid act

I wanted to back off
He knew it was pretty too late
But he still wanted to anyways

See in Cassy going through this torture was just too much for him to take…
Backing out meant

Its better he died
Than watch Cassandra suffer for nothing

At least if anything
It was something she didn’t do intentionally

Even if

The payback was quite to much

Compared to what they clsimed she did



When you’re nice problem

When youre not another problem

When you’re rich problem

When you’re poor people avoid you like plague

What do human being Really want?


Let’s End this tomorrow

Episode 30🖤💜

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