October 21, 2021



Her phone rang again
And she made to pick the call…

“Dont take it! Derrick said with a stern look

“Its my lawyer calling” Cassy replied and was about picking up her phone

“Do you think I’m joking huh!… I said don’t take that call.. I don’t care who’s calling”

Cassandra was really perturbed

This wasn’t the Derrick she used to know
What happened to the sweet, cool calm loving romantic easy going and kind hearted Derrick

What happened to him?

“Look Derrick I don’t know if you’re still upset because of the fake viral video.. Or maybe there’s something else which I dont know about …. Few minutes ago you were sober and even in tears you were going to say something if not the call interrupted us and now all of a sudden youre being so angry…. With me, what is the problem? Asides what’s trending right now is there something else i did? How have I wronged you … We can work things out”

“Theres absolutely nothing to work out… I don’t even know what is pissing me off the most .. That you’re too dumb to read the handwriting on the wall… Or you’re just being nonchalant and unbothered… Didn’t you noticed a whole lot has changed after your birthday? From the used protection to the calls from your business managers both here in lagos and Abuja…. My sudden disappearance,Angela’s questionable movement call from the lawyer… Am sure your bank manger must have called as well.. A lot have been going on within this past weeks and you’re not having a clue of what is going on. I thought you would be smarter than this ”

Cassandra was quite
Truly she knew somethings wasnt right

But she was not certain

She thought It wouldn’t get to this point

“Derrick… I… I dont know what to believe right now. I’ve a whole lot going on in my head…. But its hard to believe”

“Even as its glaring at you huh!

“Tell me whats going on”

“Telling more than ive done is a death sentence… And I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to die ”

Cassy was speechless

Her phone rang again
This time Derrick allowed her to take the call
Immediately she received the call She heard her lawyer

📞Theyve taken Everything… I was forced to sign all documents… If only you had listen to me when i said it was urgent… Just maybe we would have been able to save the situation… 📞

📞Im trying to understand you… What are you talking about?… What documents?…. And who forced you to sign them ?📞

📞i wish i can answer that📞

📞What do you mean you wish…go on and tell me already📞… Cassy was beginning to loss it

📞A gun is pointed to my head as we speak and I’m few seconds away from dying📞

📞Youre joking right … Tell me these is all a prank 📞

“Are you serious right now? Derrick put in looking at her unbelievably

Cassy ignored him and continued on the phone

📞You have been my lawyer For years now… And i trust you…and I know you can handle anything… How can you tell me…someone just come to you asking you to sign important documents sh*t like this don’t happen in real life…so you had better start talking now 📞

📞I’m Surprise you think all these is a joke… But I’m sorry to tell you that all you ever worked for is no longer yours ever single thing is all gone! 📞

Cassandra almost choked on hearing him said those words

📞And too Bad… Some so dear to you is behind it all… Ang….. 📞

Cassandra heard the gun shot

It almost deafen her

She opened her eyes wide open

Did they just killed her Lawyer?

Was she dreaming

Is this some kind of script that is playing out


For real

Still trying to believe what was going on
She got a text from her lawyer

Or maybe someone posing as him
Because he was already dead as far as she was concern

With her trembling hands she took her phone which she dropped earlier due to what she heard

She read the message

“The people you sent are here
If someone told me you could do such I won’t believe. ”

Cassandra stared at the message on her phone

Who ever was after her really planned all these perfectly well

Still on that

Some people came
Claiming they had paid for the house
Her own house
Her first investment
Someone sold out her house
Just like that
How did they get the documents
She has never been careless with important things
And then……

She remembered……

Only one person knew so much

So much to betray her trust

So much to plan out such down fall for her

So much to bring her down to zero

“Madam please you’ve now till the weekend to vacate this house. Thank you”… They told her

Well not until she has seen documents that truly they bought the house

Not from her though
But the person had the right papers

Just like that she was being asked out of her own house

“I’m sorry…. I’m part of all these…. It hurts…I wish I can change the hand of time… I would make things right… But its too late… What ever that happens just know me saying I love you was true…maybe not from the very start but along the line… I felt something very strong for you…. I….”

He was interrupted……..

Someone walked in
With another following suit

Cassandra eyes almost pop out of the socket

“Am I dreaming right now?

“No baby girl you’re wide awake!

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