October 21, 2021



“what is the meaninG of this nonsense! Derrick yelled immediately he entered the house

Cassy tried to move close to him… But he frowned at her andshe had no choice than to stand right where she was

“I’m talking to you ! He yelled

“Abeg no shout for my ear! Angela cut in rudely

He turned to face her

“And you…. Seriously so you actually send those guys to waste me huh?

Angela Hissed

“When you try to act smart with me… You dont expect me to sit down and watch you ”

“Oh really?… And I thought we were on the same page”

“Yes before you started biting more than you can chew ”

“Okay…okay… Thats enough… And i think I’ve had enough of this suspense… Can you both talk to me.. I’m right here I can hear you clearly… Tell me what is going ”

“I gave you my phone to see what’s trending all over social media…. But instead you decided to tell me you’re pregnant for him”

“What? she’s pregnant?

“Yes…I’m pregnant…I’m carrying out child” Cassy said desperately

“Maybe I would have been happy if I haven’t seen the mess you did”

Okay Cassandra couldnt take it anymore

She took Angela’s phone and what she saw made her stop breathing

She was Confused




How could her s.x tape be on social media?

With guys she don’t even know

And worst of all.. She was awake
It was not like she was raped
It was as if she completely knew what she was doing

But truly she couldn’t remember doing such shameful act

All of a sudden she was shaking
Her body became numb

How did this happened?

What was she missing out?

Who was behind all these?

And what was Derrick and Angela talking about earlier?

So.many questions that needs an urgent answer
Because she was completely losing her mind

“I never expected such from you” Derrick began trying to fuel the whole issue

“And I loved you Cassy… I loved you so much… That i was going to propose to you when I return… And here you are being the talk of town… How could you… ?… I…I’m highly disappointed and screwed right now”

Angela was quiet… She received a message on her phone and she became restless

Derrick noticed and they both had an eye contact

“Make sure she don’t take any calls” Angela whispered to Derrick and left the house hurriedly

Both remained silent

Alone with their thoughts

But Cassandra was losing her mind

Even with everything glaring at her she couldn’t still see what was going on

Thats how much she Trusted!

Seeing her like that hurts him badly

Truly he was in love with her

Truly he wanted to marry her… Tho without Angela knowing

But he just couldn’t
he signed up for something totally different

And falling in love with her was totally out of the plan

IT wasn’t supposed to be

At all

But there he was sitting opposite the woman who love and trusted him so much

The woman who was ready to give her am just to have him by her side

There she was Dying silently

Dying for something he was completely aware of

Something he joined to plan

Something he….

Cassandra interrupted his thoughts

And her question broke his heart into pieces that he didn’t even know when he reach for her and hugged her so tightly

“What’s going to happen to us Now? She asked with tears dropping down her cheeks

Derrick held her close to him

He truly loves this woman

She doesn’t deserve any of what she was getting now and still to come

Only if he had think twice before agreeing to all these… Only if he had asked himself what if?

Or if he had listened to his instincts

The regrets was just too much for him

He wants to tell her everything

Every single thing from the very start up until that moment

But his lips were trembling

They weren’t helping at all

All he could do was caress her

And whispered

“Everything would be just fine”
Even though he knew everything wasn’t close to being fine at all

He knew what was coming

And he felt heartbroken to see this Beautiful creature get hurt
By people so dear to her

People she trusted



“Derrick is there anything you’d like to tell me? She asked with all sincerity

He looked into her eyes

“Yes!… I’ve a lot to tell you… So much Cassy!…. Well that was his thoughts anyways

He didn’t voice it out
Instead he nodded his head negatively

Indicating he had nothing to tell her

She sighed and hold him closer

“I know nothing about the video” she said softly but one could hear the pain in her voice

“I know” he replied absentmindedly

“You know? She asked

“Huh?… Err… I mean… I…I…” He stuttered

She moved away from him so she could look at him in the eyes

“Talk to me Derrick…I have the feeling you want to say something to me… Trust me… I won’t hate you” and she meant it

He knew if he opened up to her she would forgive him…

But…. He couldn’t… She shouldn’t hear it from him

“Please ” she pleased in tears

“Talk to me… Tell.me what’s on your mind… Did you know about anything?

He was silent

She continued pleading

He cleared his throat and got up

Moving close to the window
He leaned
And shut his eyes

Hot tears streamed down his cheeks

As he was about talking her phone rang


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