October 21, 2021


(Same day)

🏥(At the hospital)

Cassandra walked into the hospital without talking to anyone she headed straight to the doctor’s office… But she was stopped mid way by a nurse

“Ma… The doctor is not on sit now… He waited for you but you didn’t show up… He…” She was interrupted

“…..I need to see the doctor! Cassy said as if the lady has been talking to herself all this while

“Ma… I just said the doctor is not available… But there’s other doctors who can attend to you Ma”

“I need to see the doctor! She half yelled

This time the lady who not just taken aback but also.. Upset

We all know how rude Some nurses can be at times…. So the gentle lady blew up on Cassy

“Like I’ve been speaking spanish since abi… If you want to aee the doctor go… Go to his office you’ll see him there… What nonsense… I been dey try talk to you like better person you con want frustrate me… Abeg abeg… Shift go one side… Rubbish”

The nurse said and walked away leaving cassy rooted to the spot with her mouth agape

Without Waiting for anyone to tell her… She sat down at the waiting room… Starring into the distance… She was lost in her own thought that she didn’t hear the doctor calling her…. She jerked up when her tapped her on the shoulder

The doctor stepped back on seeing her reaction

“Are you okay? He asked with concern

“Uhmm…. Yea sure im good” she lied…

“You Don’t look it… Come with me” he said and help her up… They both walked to his office

“Please sit” he offered her a chair… When she sat down … He sat on the desk leaving only a little or no space between them

“Talk to me” he said after a long stare

“I’m… I’m okay” she said with her head down

“You don’t have to lie to me miss Cassy… I’m your doctor and you should trust me”

She raised her head and looked at him

“I don’t know what is wrong….”

“Something is wrong Cassy” he pressed on

“Okay doctor that’s enough please I just said I’M FINE! what now huh ?

He sighed and got up

“Forgive my intruding manners” he sat down on his chair and began to look for something on his desk

He finally found it

While he was going through it

Cassy spoke up

“I’m sorry… I just feel.restless tired and irritated ”

” its normal… You’ll be experiencing it for the next few months” he said and handled her the test results

“I don’t understand Doc. What do you mean”

“You’re two weeks gone”

“Gone as in ?

“As in two.weeks pregnant Ma’am” he replied with his face expressionless

Cassy mopped at him

It was a mix feelings for her

She was supposed to be happy right?

Yea…. that she would be having a child with Derrick…. Right?

Okay yes she was a bit happy

But then

Her instincts still tells her the pregnancy wasn’t a thing of joy

But nevertheless…. She couldn’t wait to break the news to both Derrick and Angie

She got up and was about leaving

The doctor was surprised

“Ma’am I’m.not dome.yet… There’s one more thing you need to.know ”

“This one is enough doc… I’ve to go now”

She said and reached for the door

“Ma’am. I know you’ll see the results … But you have to hear me out first ”


Too bad… Cassy was out of his ofgice before he could even finish his words

He sighed
And leaned back on his chair


Cassandra drove home Recklessly

Something she never did

She got home but Angela wasn’t home

Time check 9:45

She picked up her phone to call Derrick
Then Her Dad’s call came in


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