October 21, 2021



Waking up With a terrible headache… Her head was pounding really hard and it felt like it would fall off if she made any move

Though awake she laid back on the bed unable to get up

Her body was numb

She tried getting up… But she couldn’t

She had a lot to do … But her body wasn’t ready to move… She shut her eyes they were even heavy to open

Her phone rang

She ignored it… Or rather she didn’t have the strength to reach for the phone

It rang again.. But no she couldn’t move

She laid still trying to brace herself up and get ready for the day’s appointments

And then she felt like throwing up… Not waiting for her legs to carry her she ran into the rest room.. She threw up continuously…

She felt empty afterwards

Sitting down lazily on the marble floor
She rested her head on the bathtub… Trying to catch her breath

Her phone rang again… She really had the urge to go get it… But unfortunately her body became stiff again

The caller eventually got tired of calling after it rang for the fourth time without answer

Somehow she was able to carry her tired self back into the room laying down like a log of wood… In few secs she fell asleep

45mins later she was woken up by her phone ringing endlessly

So pissed she grabbed her phone without checking who was calling she spoke rudely to the caller and hang up.. She threw her phone far away from her and tried to return back to sleep but too bad… She couldn’t… She got even more pissed

Picking up her phone she got out of bed and left the room… She walked past Angela’s room but obviously no one was inside

She got down stairs and still didnt find anyone

She sat down and was about dailing Angie’s number when her eyes caught the paper on the table

She picked it up and read through

And it read thus:

“”Babes am sorry … I’ve something very important to attend too… Breakfast is ready help yourself… And don’t forget to see the doctor as appointmented… Please be fine I’ll be home soon … Take care””

Cassy sighed and threw the paper away

She muttered some incoherent words

And relaxed back on the sofa

She just stared into the space… Not thinking of anything in particular she was just there like a lifeless tree waiting to be cut down

She jolted out of her thoughtless thoughts

She got up picked up her car keys and walked out absentmindedly

The gateman was indeed shock to see her in her nighties and was asking him to open the gate for her to go out… And she looked tired and totally different from the Madam he used to know

As a concern Employee.. He decided to be inquisitive

“Madam abeg no vex o… Hope say everything they okay?

Cassy nodded in return… Confirming all was well

But the man wasn’t convinced with her response… So he asked again

“Madam you look tired… Anything be the problem?

“Oga Emeka I’m fine” she said trying to conceal her impatience

He sighed and gave her a I-dont-believe-you look

Cassy shrugged seeing how he looked at her

“Just open the gate” she ordered

He was reluctant in fact he didn’t want to open the gate at all… But he had no choice then to obey his Madam

He walked to the gate but kept on turning back to see if he could find out anything at all… Maybe she would give anything away with her actions or just any reason he could use not to let her out… But unfortunately he found non

He opened the gate

And she drove out recklessly

The gateman placed his hand on his head as he watched her left

“Wetin dey happen for this house since? I dey smell some kepukepu movement. Wetin dey happen. How a whole Emeka the eyes if the gods go dey this house no go con see or know wetin dey happen… Even that her friend wey carry big chest sef… I dey smell things for her side… This one wey she go carry people come this house dey no go enter dem go just look around finish comot.. Even madam no go know say she come… Or she carry people come…abi maybe madam sef dey aware.?… Chia chia Emeka you don f.ck. up o… You wey be security.. Con add say you be eyes of the gods you no fit detect wetin dey move for here… Chia Emeka”

He finally closed the gate and continued talking to himself


But o

What’s really going on ?

Me sef I’m scare now 🤦‍♀️

Where is Cassy going to?

Abi something don loose for her head ni? 🤔

No its not possible

Or is it?

Okay calm down
Let’s not stress ourselves. We will find out what’s really going on

We’re a step away from the Ending😊

Fingers crossed 🤞

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