October 21, 2021



After Angela finished with her conversation on the phone…she returned back to the living room only to find Cassandra laying on the fall …she rushed to her… But she was already unconscious… Angela looked around the room in panic… wHat happened to her? She asked Rhetorically… Though she could see Cassy threw up before passing out… But she was still very scared….
Without wasting any more time…she rushed Cassy to the hospital …

While she was being attended to by the doctor… Angela sat down at the waiting room… Wondering how Cassy just past out without her knowing

“I didnt even hear her throwing up”
Angela thought

“Ma’am she’s awake” the doctor interrupted her trails of thoughts

“Oh thank God…can I see her now?

“Sure, come with me” he said and led the way Angela followed suit

Immediately they got into the ward Cassy was… Angela sat beside her on the bed

“How are you feeling now? She asked softly but with a lot of concern

“Very much okay” Cassy replied trying to sit up

“Just stay still” Angela made her lay back on the bed

“I’m okay Angie” She said and smiled

“Until the doctor says you’re” Angie retorted…

“Well she’s good to go for now” the doctor chipped in


“Yea… We took her blood sample to run series of test… But the result will be ready by tomorrow morning… Let’s say 8am…but meanwhile I’ve given her some treatments and drugs to keep her stable until we know her illness… That’s if its an illness ”

Angie sighed

“So she’s good now?

“Sure ma’am”

“Okay then…Cassy do you feel okay?

Cassandra smiled

“Yes dearie I’m fine… Just a little bit tired and dizzy… But let’s just go”

“It could be as a result of stress” Angie said

“But like you said… Tomorrow we will know what’s wrong…. ”

“Exactly ma’am”

“Okay then…shall we take our leave now? And thank you for making me worry too much today”

Cassy laughed

“Am sorry okay”

“Let’s sha go”

(Both in the car)

There was silence between them until Angie broke it



“Am I worry too much?

Cassy looked at her confusingly

“How do you mean?

“I mean shey I too dey carry your matter for head too much?

“And where is this coming from?

“I’m just wondering if… ” Cassy cut in

“Stop it already … What makes you think you care too much or worry too much about me… Look we’re friends and I appreciate all you’ve done for me… I can never ever take your kindness support care and concern for granted.. I really love you Angie…

“Huh?! Angela opened her eyes and mouth wide in shock

“Abegi jor… Its sisterly love…. Don’t bore a hole through my head with those eyes”

Angie placed her left hand on her chest trying to calm her nerves

“I for just jump out of this car now” she said and they both laughed heartedly

They drove home discussing about random stuffs

At that moment

Cassandra forgot her worries

Tomorrow would be a big and long day for her

But she didn’t want that to bother her right at that moment…. She missed chatting with Angela…truly ever since Derrick came into her life…. She and Angie where not as they used to be… She spent most of her time with Derrick

Derrick became the air she breath

Derrick first before even herself

It was all about Derrick


Where have Derrick been?

What does the lawyer have to tell Cassy?

And the test result?

What awaits her Tomorrow?

Is she going to Survive whatsoever she that meets her tomorrow?

And Angie? Will she still stand by her?

Will she(Cassy) still be that Same Cassandra Dickson from Episode 1?

Will her life still remain the same?

With the look of things y’all already know something big and painful awaits her….. But y’all have to find out how


It looked like the day will never come to an end

But it eventually did

Cassandra retired to bed

Waiting for tomorrow!

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