October 21, 2021



(Same day)

Angela returned back home and found Cassandra sitting like a log of wood starring into the space
Without wasting any time
She sat close to get friend taking her hand in hers she softly spoke

“What’s the matter?

Cassy flinched on hearing her voice… Obviously she was lost in her own thoughts

“Am..am okay” she stuttered trying hard to conceal her restless mind

“You dont look anywhere close to okay… Youre restless, tensed and… And agitated talk to me what’s wrong… Is it Him?

“Him? Cassy asked and raised an eye brow

“I mean Derrick”

Cassy sighed

“Can’t you just stop thinking negative about this guy ”

“Sorry… But”

“No buts… I don’t know how else I’ll tell you he’s different” she half yelled

“OK o…sorry” Angela said and shrugged

“So? She asked

“So what? Cassy asked back

“Why were you sitting like the world is crash before you…. ”

“I’m fine Angie… Trust me” she coaxed

” No Cassy I won’t buy that… And don’t even try convincing me everything is fine… You and I know something serious is bothering you and you better just open up now… Because honest I’m tired of this you sudden secrecy… When do.we even get to.this point when I’ve to force you to talk really I’m begging you to share what’s bothering you with me Really ?.

Cassy sighed And remained mute

“Its obvious I was talking to myself all along… No problem.just be good” she got up and was about leaving when Cassy spoke up

“I received a call today”

Angela stopped but didn’t turn

Cassy continued

“Something is wrong somewhere and I have the feeling… But… But… I just dont know where its coming from… I don’t know if truly someone has taken over my busineses at Abuja… I’m still finding it hard to believe… I…” Angela cut in immediately

“Goodness gracious! Cassandra… You received a call that you businesses at Abuja is being handle by someone else…not one o… All the businesses you set up there… Some one has…. Chia chia(she clapped her hands together in demonstration)… Cassandra so after hearing such information abi news the best thing you could do is sit here and think of who’s behind all these abi…. ?

“What do you expect me to do… ?

“Go out there and do something girl… Why taking this too lightly… Like its nothing… Like it….” She cut in

” calm down… Its not like I’m taking it too lightly… I just got the info today… I’m still trying to… To digest it… Its hard to believe… I just can’t start chasing shadows… Look Angie I’m confused… I’ll just wait until. My lawyer comes here tomorrow.. I’ll hear what he has to say… Then I’ll know what next to do”

” your lawyer is coming tomorrow?

“Yep… He even said its urgent but I just told him to come tomorrow”

Angie was silent

Her phone rang
She looked at the screen

“I’ve to take this” she walked away

Leaving Cassy alone with her thoughts

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