October 21, 2021



📞Hello ma’am… Ive something very important to discuss with you📞

📞What happened📞

📞Its not a phone conversation tell me when to come around and we can talk… And remember it very very important so ?📞

📞okay… Friday?📞

📞Friday is too far… I was expecting you to ask me to come over tomorrow or even right away… Its really urgent… And📞

📞If its very urgent then you handle it and tell me what it is later📞

📞I wish its what i can handle… In fact… Im taking a big risk for trying to leak this info… So ma’am📞

📞You sound really… Disturbed.. All these minutes weve been talking do you know you would have tell me what the promblem is.. And maybe now we will be thinking of a possible way out📞

📞Dont you get it Cassandra… This isnt a phone conversation📞

📞Okay fine… I got that… Stop by at my please tomorrow📞

📞Morning right?📞

📞No dumbass… Evening… Like you dont know ive work to do during the day right📞

He sighed

📞As you wish ma’am📞

📞Bye… And meanwhile make sure what ever it is youre telling me it has a solution because i cant think of anything that might be the problem📞

📞The earlier you know about it the better for you and all of us… Bye ma📞

He disconnect the call

Cassandra sat back
She was disturbed but she didn’t want to show it

Her mind kept on thinking what the problem was… But couldn’t see where the problem might be coming from

While she was still thinking her phone buzzed

She picked it up

Before she could say Hello

He began to rant

📞After how many years of managing your businesses her in Abuja the best way to show appreciation is to hand over your business to someone else… You didn’t even have the Courtesy of calling to formaly inform me of the change…. If anyone had told me I’ll be treated like this… Honestly o wont believe it at all…. And you didn’t even call… Not even sending an email or anything… You just kept mute… Like nothing happened…its fine… Its alright I won’t say anymore word.. Buy just know I’m highly disappointed in you Miss Cassandra 📞

And just like that He disconnected the call without even allowing her to talk

Okay… Things was beginning to get out of hand

Her lawyer just called sounding so disturbed
And now her business manager at Abuja just called again telling her things she can’t relate to…. What was going on

Its been two weeks

And althrough she felt something was really going wrong
But she didn’t know where or how

Derrick called her again and demanded for Money for his mother’s treatments… And she had gladly sent him the money… Since then she haven’t heard from him

Angela too has been unnecessarily busy lately

But Cassy didn’t think of anything going wrong from any of them

She just had the feeling someone somewhere was trying every possible means to bring her down to nothing

And that she won’t be surprise at all
She’s a successful… She had achieved what most people of her age or even other haven’t achieved

Truly she was Generous and all that

But that didnt guarantee the there won’t be haters and enemies… Who would go at any length just to see her reduce to dust

But the big Question now is Who was the Enemy or Enemies?

Insider or outsider?

Family or friend?

Who exactly?

Who had gone behind her back to take over her businesses?

What does her lawyer have to tell her that is so important?

And Who must have left cond*ms in her rest room?

Was she raped truly?

Why didn’t she even go for check up?

Or report to the police station or tell someone… Her Dad mom or even Angie

Why was she not taking it serious?

And why has she been feeling dizzy tired and always throw up every morning for the past two weeks

“Cassandra what is going on with you?????

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