October 21, 2021



Its been two days.. Cassandra haven’t heard from Derrick… She was very worried. So worried that she could barely eat within those days.

Angela returned back home… After two days… She met Cassy in a sober and sad mood. But why she tried to find out what was wrong

Cassandra flared up

“So you really think you can just leave this house at will and come back anytime you like huh?

“I beg your pardon?

“Oh please!… For the past two days you left without leaving a message not even a call.. Nothing at all you just left me in the dark. Ibwas thinking about him and thinking about you too at the same time…. I wasn’t expecting all these troubles after what seems like a special and memorable day for me… Honestly Girlfriend I’m pissed so pissed that I don’t feel like talking to you at all”. She said and stormed into her room leaving Angela dumbstruck

Angela didn’t go after her… So knew Cassy was very upset and truly she had every right to be

Being out of sight for two days without calling or sending a message to at least confirm that she was doing fine where ever she went wasn’t nice at all and she blamed herself for letting Cassy go through so much emotional stress because of her

The following day Angela went to Cassy’s room seeing that the lady wasn’t stepping out of her room not even to eat

She knock but didn’t get a reply… She knocked again there was still no reply
So she opened the door quietly and tip toed inside the room…sitting quietly on the bed beside Her

“I’m sorry the way I blew out on you yesterday… I was just pissed and stressed ” Cassy said backing Angela

“Its fine…I’m so sorry for being insensitive… I just have let you know my whereabout… I dont blame you for being angry okay”

Cassy was silent

“Com on its fine okay… I’m not angry… And I need you to forgive me okay please”

“Fine” Cassy said and sat up… “But on one condition tho” she added

“Which is?

“You tell.me where you’ve been ”

Angela smiled

“Well my fiancee Ame around so….” Cassy cut in

“Youre kidding right?

“No I’m serious… He came on your birthday he happened to be around AMD I actually invited him.. But he came pretty late… And by then I looked for you everywhere but didn’t see you. Until someone told me you were busy with Derrick… Up stairs”

“You’re so annoying you know right…”

“Am sorry.. What would you have expect me to do?

“Come knock on the door… ”

“That’s impossible you don’t expect me to interrupt a lovely moment because of….” She cut in

“It worth it”

“Fine fine… I’m sorry but he’ll come around next week or so”

“I hope I see this your mysterious Boo” Cassy said sarcastically

Angela laughed

“How about Derrick?

Immediately His name was mentioned Cassandra countenance changed she became sad

Angela moved close to her

“What’s wrong? What happened? Talk to me ! She said almost immediately

She hesistated for a moment before she spoke

“Just like you .. He left … Its been two days and I haven’t heard fro. Him…his number isn’t going through… I’m just worried”

“Why?… Why would you be. Worried about a guy who is possibly with another woman having a good time huh?

“No Angie… Derrick isn’t with another woman”

“There she goes again”

“Calmdown Angie…he left me a note before leaving… He stated that he received a distress call from his family so he had to travel very early that morning… ”

“Oh… I see… Well I remember seeing him receiving a call and he was really disturbed but you know me na..I didn’t bother to ask him…I just concluded that he’s speaking with one of his….” Cassy cut in

“Enough! Please… Honestly I guess you better get used to him.. Because we are getting married… And I just wonder what you’ll do then”

“Married ? Angela chuckled

Cassy became sober again

“What again?

“I’m confused something isnt right”

“Right? Where? As in how?

“Right with me… Everything around me”

Angela sighed

“Talk to me”

“So I woke up the morning you and Derrick disappeared… Going into the bathroom I found…… “. She was cut short by Angela’s phone ringing

Angela took a quick glance at her phone

“Ive to take this” she said and walked away

Few minutes later she returned back with a different mood
She seemed pissed

“Are you okay? Cassy asked

“No… I mean yes… I’m okay … Just go on with what you were saying ”

“But you don’t look okay” Cassy press on

“Cassandra can you just leave me almond please… If you’ve anything to say go on and say it and stop trying to know what doesnt concern you one bit” she flared

Cassy was perturbed

One mintue they were cool and all of a sudden a call changed her mood…truly She really wanted to know what was wrong…but with the look on Angela’s face… She rest her case

Both ladies sat in silent
Each with her own thoughts

Cassandra phone rang

She picked up and phone and smiled widely on seeing the caller

“Oh Thank God he finally called” she said and picked up

Angela hissed and Walked away

Her behavior really surprised Cassy but first she has to keep Angela’s sudden change aside and talk to her Darling 😊

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