October 21, 2021



No doubt Cassandra had a good time the previous day

Even though she woke up with a hangover. But she could still remember how she felt special and loved the previous day which made her blushed

She do not know what time it was but no doubt it was late morning… Her head was pounding real hard. She really had a lot to drink. And too bad she was a bad drinker…

She dragged her lazy and messed up self out of the bed. Just as she was about to get up. She saw a tray of food and a not beside it
A smile spread on her face knowing who must made done such romantic move. She first picked out the note and it read thus:
Good morning sunshine. I hope you had a good night rest. Sorry I’m not there to kiss you good morning.I received a distress call from my family . I would have told you but I didn’t want to disturb your sleep cause I know you had a lot to drink yesterday and you won’t be feel pay. And you needed enough sleep. Breakfast is by your side just in case it gets cold before you’re up.please microwave it. I’ll give you a call once I reach home. And you don’t need to stress yourself calling I’ll do the calling. We kind of have network issues over there. Take care my love. Be strong for us. Love you my Darling muah….

Cassy hugged the note so tugged and closed her eyes

“I love you more Derrick I love you so much”. She said under her breath.
She opened the food and it was just what she always like

Derrick was indeed a very Special Man for her

She got out if bed and went into the rest room

She saw lots of Condoms

But the thought of Derrick distracted her from thinking about it

She bend down to pee but it hurts her badly.it was then she noticed her private part hurts

“What’s wrong” she questioned her self

“What happened to me”. She asked yet again

“Was…was I….” A call interrupted her thought

She smiled upon seeing the caller

📞Hey Darling📞
📞My Sunshine… Guess youre up already📞
📞Yes…have you gotten home?📞
📞No.. But un few hours time i’ll.. How are you feeling?📞
📞My head is pounding📞
📞Sorry baby.. Takea shower ,eat and go back to sleep you will be just fine📞
There was a pause
📞Maybe i should allow you then📞
📞Alright…. Darling? Can i ask you something📞
📞Go on📞

She stalled for awhile… Thinking if she should mention it to him or not
What if he knows nothing about it. What if she was raped by… By anyone..what if he doesn’t believe her….what if she tells him now…and… And he breaks up because of that… What if….. She was Very confused thinking whether or not to spill it… After thinking hard.she decided to keep it to herself first

📞When will you be back📞 she asked instead
📞As soon as possible📞
📞Alright then…see.you soon📞
📞Missing you already📞
📞Me too… Take care if yourslef and if you need anything. Say financially. Dont hesistate to put a call through okay📞
📞Yes my Sunshine… Bye for now📞
📞Bye Darling📞… The call disconnected

Cassy toss herself on the bed

“Why are you so stupid Cassandra…why did you just tell him already…maybe he may knows something about it… How could you be so Dumb… How.. How Cassy…now how do I find out what happened here…”

She laid down still
Thinking to remember anything
Anything at all… Any damn thing
The only thing she could remember was when Derrick Carried her to her room and she heard him telling her she was drunk…. And….. Oh no! Her head was blank… Totally blank

She purse for s moment

Took a deep breathing

“Where is Angela? She asked herself”

And then she got up and went out of her room

She met two young ladies cleaning the living room

“What are you both doing here? She asked Even though she could clearly see

“Ma… We were asked to Clean up these place” one of them said


“The other Madam…she went out not too long ago” the other lady replied

Cassy looked at them for awhile… She was too tired to ask any more quention..

“Okay” she said and stepped out if the house

She went into the garden and sat down.. Trying to see if she can think

Something was off

She could feel it
But it hurts that she couldn’t recall anything…nothing at all

She trusted Derrick he won’t have raped her…he has no.reason to…she has never resist him before. So he has no reason what so ever to forcefully go under her panty….

And Angie?

She trusted her too

But why didn’t she come to check up on her knowing she was drunk from last night party

She was trying to connect the dots

But her bad memory wasn’t helping matters

She eventually gave up… Though with the intention of probing further and knowing what really happened. If she was raped or Anything at all

She really needs to think and act fast

She felt Problem, trouble and Pain fast approving her… But she doest know the direction its actually coming from


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