October 21, 2021



📱This is your last chance📱 Derrick read the message sent to him…he sighed and looked at Cassy who was having a good time… He wiped the sweat on his forehead… He was nervous… Very nervous… He don’t know how this will turn out… Good or bad?… But he has no choice at that point he was committed…and he has to finish what he has started

Cassandra love him anyway…and he would be ready to…. His thoughts were cut short

“What are you standing here doing all alone when the party is getting hot? Angela asked as she sipped on her drink

“Ur mm..I’m trying to think” he replied feeling unsure if that was convincing enough

“Uhh.. I see thinking about your darling huh?…” She.said looking at Cassy afar

“Yea… Not.. Really… Well its all about her” he said Running his fingeres through his hair

“You wanna pop the question right? She asked all of a sudden

“Huh?… He didn’t see that coming

“Yea… You want to put a ring on it”

Derrick was silent

“You love her and she loves you so what are you waiting for dude…don’t miss this opportunity… It only comes but once… God has giving you such a wonderful woman on a plater of gold.. Be wise Man.. Do the needful… Or…”

Cassy walked up to them feeling tipsy

“I gat to go. Take care of her”

Angela said and walked off

Derrick stared at her without blinking his eyes

He sighed restlessly

“Hey baby” Cassy said in a seductive manner

“Youre drunk ” Derrick said holding her from falling

“No I’m not.. I took just a shot… Two maybe or three.. But I’m not drunk ”

“You’re Cassy”

She pushed him away

“I’m not drunk okay….” But she fell down before she could complete the sentences

Derrick carried her in a bridal style and took her up to her room

“Because its your birthday doesn’t mean you should drink yourself to stupor” Derrick said a bit angry

“I’m not drunk” she murmured again and past out



Cassandra’s younger brother came to deliver a message to Her

“Hey you never told me you were coming” Cassy said as she hugged him slightly

“You never mention having a party to me” he said defensively

“True.. I’m sorry I didn’t plan it either… Its more like a surprise party”

“Oh I see… So who. Surprised you with a party..I know its a man..because that friend of yours won’t think of anything like this”he said sarcastically

“Stop it… And I thought you would have stop hating on my friend by now… And I still don’t know why you even hate her in the first place. She’s a sweet girl”

“Yes she’s for you. But I don’t like her period! So who’s he”

And just then Derrick walked up to them

“Here he is” Cassy said and held Derrick close to her side

The two guys stared at each other for what seems like a life time

“Back to earth! Both of you… What’s wrong.. Why mopping at each other like that ”

“Nothing” the both chorused at the same time

“Cassy can we talk… Just you and I alone” he said the last part looking at Derrick sternly

“OK..sure” she replied

“No.. I need you now” Derrick quickly said

“Darling don’t worry I’ll meet you short let me talk to…” Derrick interrupted her

“I need you like right now”

“Okay then I’ll just take my leave.. Here dad asked me to bring this to you” he handed her a car key

“Oh my goodness…I can’t believe dad still send me gifts.. And he never mentioned it to Me when we spoke this morning” Cassy said close to tears

“If he had told you it won’t be a Surprise birthday gift”

“Aww tell him I’m so grateful. I’ll make out time to come see him.”

“Okay.. And take care of yourself”

“Won’t you atleast stay a little I’m your sister remember”

“I know… But I’ve something to take care of… I just had to spare few minutes of me time to come deliver this gift to you.so I’ve to go…and my own Gift is inside the car.. Enjoy your day sis” he said and took a quick but mean glance at Derrick before walking off

“Will you at least text me what you have to say. Because its obvious you want to tell me personally” Cassy called out after him

“I’ll try” he said and was out of sight

“Come” Derrick held her by the hand and took her back to the on going party

“Have fun baby… Its your day” he whispered in her ears..he kissed her and walked away


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