October 21, 2021




📞Happy birthday my darling📞 Mr Dickson said

Cassandra sat up upon Hearing her father’s voice

📞Thank you so much dad📞

📞Any special plans for today or Its the usuals📞

📞Its different this year… Though its not an elaborate party but its a party anyways 📞

📞Wow… Who talked my daughter into throwing a party… No matter how small📞

📞Well… I didnt plan any of this📞

📞Who did? Your friend i guess 📞

Cassy smiled

📞No dad… I was Going to tell you and mom about him but I wanted it to be official first. 📞

📞Did she just say about Him?… A man is Involve?. 📞 her mom said excitedly over the phone

📞Dad you put the call on speaker📞

📞No… But your mom is sitting so close to me so as to hear every bit of what We’re. Saying 📞

Cassy Laughed

📞She will never change📞

Her mom collected the phone from her dad

📞My dear Happy Birthday.. I was going to call you immediately after your dad drop the call📞

📞Hmm… Mom… You dont need to lie… The reason why youre even talking to me now is Because of what you heard📞

📞No dear… I…i📞 she couldn’t say anything because all Cassy said was true

📞Anyways its fine… And this time I’m coming home with a man.. The love of my life… 📞

📞Awwn… Without seeing your face I can feel the sparks from your voice.. Finally my daughter is in love📞

📞Well… The right word to say is…Finally my daughter has found a man 📞

They both laughed

📞Anyway since I’ve let the cat out of the bag sooner than i planned… I’ll just bring him home already…lets say Next week end 📞

📞 I’ll be glad to have you both…. 📞

📞And meanwhile tell dad hes the brain behind the party… He is really making me feel so special already📞

📞Awwn… This man is a Godsent… Im so happy that after all… You found the right one for yourself📞

📞Im the most happiest woman on earth i must confess… If i start telling you how this guy treats me… Maybe we wont end the call today… Anyways you and dad are invited…even. I know you won’t be chanced to come… Anyways take care of yourselves 📞

📞And you too darling… I would have love to be there but… You know already… So please have fun.. And i mean lots of fun… Say me well to my Son in-law… Bye darling📞

📞Bye mom📞…Cassy kept on smiling as the Call disconnected

She layyback on the bed Reminiscing about how her relationship with her mother had been all these years…that day happens to be the First time in years they talked like Daughter and Mother… Then when ever Her mother called it was to talk about the same issue of getting a man… She hardly call to wish her a happy birthday… Else to.remind her of her new age and tell her time wasn’t on her side anymore… That very day wouldn’t have been different if she haven’t made mention of Derrick….

“I’m glad to have you in my life Derrick” she said…and At the mention of his name…The door flung open and he walked in looking all stunning
It was then she noticed he wasn’t in the room all these while…and that same moment she noticed how her room was beautifully decorated.. With her favorite color… Looking around her and the man standing in front of her looking so magnificent… She knew that she has found the right and perfect man

“Happy birthday once again Darling” he said as he dropped the tray which contained a very special dish which he personally made for her

She kept on starring at him without saying a word… But the sparks in her beautiful eyes was loud enough…. Derrick leaned forward and kissed her forehead

“I love you more” he said

Cassy tighten her grip on him

“I’m right here with you ” he whispered softly in her ears
Which caused a cold. Shiver To run down her Spine

At that point she wanted that moment to.last forever… They should both remain in each other’s embrace

“Promise me you’ll never leave me”. She said with a glinth of tears in her eyes

He pat her lovingly on her back

“We’re stuck together” he said soothingly

As they were about to kiss
The door flung open and Angela interrupted them

“,hey love birds… Get yourself out of that bed there’s a lot to be done before our guest start arriving…. ”

“We will be down in 10”

“Like right now prince charming” Angela retorted

Derrick’ glared at her

She smirked

Cassy smiled

“You can go… I’ll join you guys immediately I’m done eating

“You heard that so let’s go now” Angela said and took Derrick’s hand as they walked out

Cassandra smiled

“I’m blessed with wonderful people” 😊

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