October 21, 2021



Angela was still trying to get over what Cassandra did… That was the first time since they became friends that she didn’t confined in her… Tell her what was bugging her and asked for advice…. Angela has been in charge so to say… When it comes to decision making…. Angela was the one to tell Cassy if she should or shouldn’t do something… Cassandra didn’t see it as anything.. Since they were best of friends then it was okay to tell her her problems and seek her advice..

Angela took it very personal when Cassy refused to tell her what was wrong. She wasn’t expecting anything to change. Between them because of a man in her life. She always want to know when her friend was happy or sad.. She always wanted to know who was behind her sadness and happiness… She just wanted to know everything about her friend

But is it for good ? Okay I don’t know 😊

Cassandra got back home… But Angele ignored her.. Acted like no one was there with her

Cassy was not really surprised she was expecting her to feel bad

So she sat down close to her Bestie.. Taking Angela’s hands in hers.. She caressed it

Angela tried to free her hand but Cassy didn’t give in after all effort failed.. She allow Cassy hold her hand peacefully

“You know I Care so much about you right ? Cassandra started with a question

Angela didn’t say anything

Cassy continued

“And you know I hate to see you like this right ? She asked again.. She still got lgnored

“Because I didn’t tell you want happened doesn’t mean I do not trust you.. I really do and I appreciate all your Care and concern… But”

Angela Burst in

“But what exactly what are you trying to say… I came to you.. I asked you what was wrong I was so worried about you… I wanted to comfort you and tell you everything will be just fine but what did you do you pushed me away” Angela said painfully

“I’m sorry… Believe me I was going to tell you if he didn’t show up… ”

“Its obvious youre placing that guy over me now… Its fine… You prefer telling him your problems now right”

“No..he’s actually the problem…but I didn’t tell you because I wasn’t ready to hear you say ‘I told you’… So that was why I decided to handle it myself had it been I didn’t sort it out definitely I’ll tell you everything… But I’m still ready to tell you what happened now”

“I’m not interested” she said And got up

“Com on don’t be mad at me”

“And who say I’m ”

“But you sound cold”

“So would you prefer if I sound hot”. They both laughed

And just like that they made up again

“I care so much about you Cassy… And I’m always here for you..if you need someone to talk to… I’m here if you need a shoulders to lean on… I’m here… I just don’t want a man to walk in your life and take my place… We’ve come a long way and you won’t blame me if I over react when you refuse to talk to me about your challenges… I love you like a twin sister and you know I’ll always look out for you… Aside my fiancee being out of the country the other reason why I’m delaying settling down is because of you… I just fell like me getting married while you haven’t would affect you and our friendship. But now you’ve found someone who deserve every bit of you I think its time I settle down”

Cassandra hugged her friend tightly
And whispered a “Thank you ”

This is too true to be Real 🤔… But believe it or not there are friendship like this


A day to Cassy’s birthday Derrick came over to her place… He said he wanted to be close to her on her special day and he wanted to be the first to wish her a happy Birthday

Sounds sweet right 🤔😊
This is the begining of the end 💛

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