October 21, 2021



While they drove in silence… Derrick received a message on his phone… He brought out his phone and read it

“Fix it! Was the content of the message… Derrick sighed restlessly… He gripped the wheel so tight with his shaking and sweaty hands. Cassandra looked at him .. She hated to see him restless.she felt like hugging him and telling him everything will be alright. But no she won’t let her soft spot for him get the best of her right there at that critical moment. If She acted nicely towards him.. Maybe he would fool her a second and perhaps third time.

“Trying to prepare the lies to tell me huh? She asked him unaware

He looked at her and gulped down his Spittle

“Make sure there’s a little truth in your lies” she added immediately with a straight face

They both remained in silence both battling with his or her own thoughts

They alighted from the car when they got to their destination

Derrick ordered for a drink but Cassandra Declined bluntly.

“We can’t talk on an empty table” he said almost pleading

“Order anything but I won’t take it! She said sternly

Derrick sighed defeatedly and said “Fine!

“Water for me” he told the waiter

After he was served his water

Cassandra leaned forward

“Now talk to me!

Derrick looked at her straight in the face as if trying to read what was on her. He sighed and rubbed his palm on his forehead

“What do you think happened? He started with a question

“How am I supposed to know? I’m here to know what happened so shoot and don’t keep me waiting!

“Cassy… Will these change anything between us? He asked close to tears

Cassandra stone heart began to melt… She couldn’t continue acting mean and harsh… Yes she was angry about what happened.. And she was also scared the he had ran off with her money and broke her heart again.. Truly when she was calling and he didn’t pick up… She hated him she swore to unleash fire and brime stone on him if she laid eyes in him… Well then she wasn’t sure she would ever see him again… But her anger subsided the moment he stepped into her house that morning seeing his sorry and pleading face all the hatred vanished…she just wamted to hug him so tightly and made him promise her that he will never ever leave her side no matter what….. But she just couldn’t don’t that… For once she doubted His love for her… She really wanted to know what he used the money for and why he didn’t mention it to her… There was only one reason in her head… And it breaks her heart each time it comes to her mind…. What if he’s cheating? What if he was planning something else with the other lady? What if he do not love her? The what ifs was just too much that she desperately wanted to know why he took 2million from her business just like that without informing her. And if she really wanted to get him to talk… Then she has to be harsh… And remain Angry

“Depends on what you’ve to say” she said to him

“Your birthday is in Two weeks and…. I… I.. ” he stuttered

“Derrick you really dont need to lie to me” she said softly but harsh

“I’m not lying… But it sounds so stupid… I know… But Honestly I was trying to give you a special 30th birthday… I wanted it to be wonderful… I… I” he broke down in tears

Cassandra lost it completely… She gripped the table cloth a ball of sweat drop down from her forehead… She swallowed hard

“I would have took the money from my business… But its still new and it may affect it… And I didn’t want to ask you for it because this was supposed to be a surprise… Not even your friend knows about it….. I borrowed the money… And I promise to pay back as soon as possible.. I told them not to tell you because I wanted it to still be a surprise… I did all of these for you Cassy… And that’s because I love you so much… And I want to always please you in every way… And the very good time to prove to you how much you mean to me is on your birthday… Am so sorry if these has in any way inconvenient you and caused any set back in your business… I meant no harm”. He explained looking genuine

Cassandra was speechless…

“So he Was doing all these for me” she thought

“And I was too hard on him”… She regretted her actions… But then something else came to her mind and as if Derrick knew what she was about to say he quickly added

“I left my phone at home… That was why I didn’t pick up and the battery went down that was why the phone was off… I would have come here yesterday but I got back late…. So I have to come see you this morning… I’m really sorry okay”

“Its fine” she said softly and move closer to him

Cupping his face in her palm she said

“You don’t have to go out of your way to impress me… Material things do not move me anymore… Surprise birthday parties is not my thing… I prefer going to the orphanage homes… Reaching out to the people in the grass root level… Empowering women and youth… I do all of these but its always a special edition on my birthdays…. Having you around me is special…. You mean a lot to me Derrick yesterday I thought I’ve lost you…. Honestly the way I love you is the way I loved my first love… My secondary school crush then… But he left me for no good reasons… Till date the heart break he caused me still lingers… And I’m afraid with the way I’m deeply and completely in love with you… I may not be able to handle it… Just stay with me… I do not want to lose you… If you need anything ask me…don’t go to my workers… Those businesses is mainly for them if anything happens they all become unemployed… Please if you need to set up more businesses I can do it okay”

“I love you Cassy”… Derrick said as he kissed her tenderly

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