October 21, 2021



Cassandra didn’t quit Calling His number… At a point his line became switched off

Cassandra heart was beating so loud that she could her it… She tried to calm her self down but she was too nervous

So many thought kept on running through her mind

What ifs was just too much in her head…

The thought of Derrick Breaking her heart was tormenting

The silent voice from the pit of hell kept on telling her that yet again… She has been fooled

The thoughts were just too much for her to contain… She broke down in tears….

Angela was not around to console her

She cried and cried until she fell asleep on the couch


Angela got back home the following morning and met her friend sleeping on the couch

She tapped her gently

“hey…wake up ” she whispered

Cassandra opened her eyes slightly and closed it back

Angela noticed how red and swollen her eyes was

“Cassy… What’s wrong… What happened?… She asked in Fear

Cassy manged to open her heavy eyes and sat up slightly

“When did you get back? She asked Tiredly

“Em.. Just now…what happened to you… Why did you sleep on the couch…I thought you were supposed to be in Abuja.. What happened?
Angela asked uncontrollably

Cassandra got up

“I can’t talk right now…. I need to freshen up” she said and went up stairs

Angela watched her leave… She wanted to go after her but she thought it was a bad idea….

Angela gave her sometime to get herself together before going up to meet her

“Hey…” Angela said and tip toed inside her room

Cassandra crawled up in her bed… When Angela came in she turned and gave her a i-don’t -want-to-talk -about-it look

Angela was quick enough to understand

“Since when do you start keeping things away from me ”

Cassandra ignored her

“Cassandra talk to me what happened?

She remained silent

“Seriously are you given me a silent treatment right now?

” Angie… I don’t feel like talking” she said softly

” I know… But you need to talk about this one…. For goodness sake… You cried all through the night and Even forgot to change your clothes go to your room and maybe forgot to eat as well… So its obvious this is serious… ”

“Its not that deep”

” don’t even lie to me right now… Because I won’t listen”

Cassy sighed

“I’m listen”

“I lost 2million ”

“Goodness gracious! How come?

Cassandra wasn’t ready to tell anyone about it especially Angela… Until she hear from Derrick..even though at that moment it looked impossible

Even as she tried to hide the truth she still didn’t want to lie…. Not to her Best friend
So she began to crack her brain yo come up with something not the complete truth neither a lie

“Ermmm…. Actually….its err…” She was interrupted by the sound of the door bell

“Thats the door right?…I think someone is there I’ll go get it”. Cassandra got up immediately.. And got up

Angela followed her

“That won’t stop you from talking”

They both went down stairs

“I’ll get it” Angela said and walked to the door… She smiled on seeing who was at the door

“Look who we have here…Cassy here comes…. “But Cassandra didn’t allow her finished be for flaring up

“What are yiu doing here ??

Angela was taken aback she looked from Cassandra to Derrick

“What’s going on here? She asked still looking at the love birds

“Can someone talk to me?

Non of them.said a word

“Okay you both really need to stop looking at each other like that especially you Cassy… This is Derrick and not a Stranger” she said trying to remind her

“Bad I can explain”

“Explain what?Angela and Cassandra Said in chorus but both with different reason

“Everything” Derrick said calmly

“You had Bette start talking or else” Cassy threatened

“Sure I’ll talk but not here”

“Okay let’s go out” she said picking up her car keys

“I’m with my car” he told her

“Okay then let’s go” she dropped her keys and started head in toward the door

“You can’t ho out like that “Angela put in Immediately

“I don’t Care”

“In your pyjamis? Derrick asked

“I don’t Care”. Cassandra shouted

“Okay sorry… Let’s go” Derrick quickly left with her

Angela stood there watching

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