October 21, 2021



📞Hello… Yea… I cant get what You’re… You know what… Kunle… I’ll delay my flight tomorrow.. So I’ll come over there… Alright… Till then 📞… Cassandra disconnected the call

“I just wonder what kunle is trying to say” she said more to herself… But Angela was quick enough to hear it…

“Hats the matter… You look disturbed… ”

“Kunle called”

“Kunle?… Do I know him… ?

“My Stock manager in one of my businesses here in Lagos” she explain

“Okay… So what happened?

“I really don’t know… ”

“But he called”

“Yes… But I didn’t understand what he was saying… So I’ll delay my flight to Abuja tomorrow just to go check what’s wrong… Because Kunle don’t call at this time of the month”

“Hmm… That Kunle of a guy.. I’m suspecting him”

“Angie not this time please… I’ve been working with this man for years now… And everything have been going perfectly fine… And I trust him very much”

“Thats it… You trust too much… You’re…” She cut in

“Angela… Let’s go shopping”

“A very good way to change the topic”

“Are you coming?

“Sure… But”

“No need for buts… Go get dress already”.. Cassandra said and went up stairs

Angela stood there looking at Her as she left….

The following day…..

Cassandra was furious as she listened to Kunle talk

“So Ma… We’ve run out of stock… And the bad news is we do not have enough cash to replace the goods”

“Can you here yourself talk …. Mr. Kunle you’re incharge of this business I out you here because I know you can handle everything here… So what is all this nonsense you’re saying right now”

“Ma… I’m sorry for what’s going on right now… But just like you said I’m in charge and I can handle it… If we’re honest here I’ve done my best so far… But…” She cut in Angrily

“But what Kunle.. But what… How can you tell me you’re out if stocks and you do not have money at all to replace them are you okay?…were are all the money you made all these while… If I’m correct I haven’t been here for the past 4months”

“Your Fiancee has been here and he has been collecting money ”

“What? Cassandra said in shocked

“Yes ma.. After you introduced him here as the second in command… He stared demanding for money… Saying it was all your idea…”

“This is a petty lie!

“Believe me… I’m not lying ”

“Get me the cashier” she ordered

He left and returned with the cashier

“So Mary… Who have you been given money too ?

“Ermmm.. …” She stuttered

“Don’t even think of lying to me…it won’t save you ”

“Ma… I’m not trying yo lie… Your fiancee has been the one collecting money”

“And you never bothered to call me to confirm”

“Ma… Since he said you were aware I felt it would be insultive to call and confirm anything and besides he called you once in my presence… So I just felt it was of no use to call”

“Youre very stupid !… Its your job to know how money comes in and out of this business…. Even if Kunle heeegives you the go ahead you should think of calling me to confirm…. How can two Million naira go out of a business just like that… I’m just screwed right now… You two just get prepared because I don’t think you can still remain here” she said and left

On her way home… She kept on calling Derrick but he wasn’t taking her calls

She continued calling him until she got home but he wasn’t still taking her calls

Seems like what happened before was about to repeat itself

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