October 21, 2021



Derrick and Angela sat in silence for awhile

Until Angela broke it

“Take care of her”… She said sternly , stood up and walked away

Derrick stared at her as she left… And sighed

The rest of their evening was fun… They all had a good time…

Cassandra had never felt so happy and fulfilled for a very long time… Seeing Derrick gives her
unspeakable joy and fulfilment…. She thought she would never find some who will love her completely just the way he did….

Each time she look at him… She just felt like she do not deserve such man… He was too good to be true


Her birthday was fast approaching and she was glad that she would be celebrating it with a man in her life….

Since the bond between she and Derrick became strong at every passing day… She decided to get him involved in must of her businesses… So just in case she can’t be there to Check how thing LA are going…. He would stand in for her…

As usual Angela didn’t subscribe to the idea

“Cassy don’t you think you’re taking this relationship thing too far?… Its just few months and you’re already giving him a comfortable place in your own career…. ”

“Com’on dear… I and Derrick would eventually tie the knot soon… And I think its better he knows what I do… Even before we get married… Its no big deal… I believe so much in him… And I know he can handle my businesses even while I’m away…”

“Why does it feel like this guy has cast a spell on you huh?

“Haba… Its not that deep…stop taking this thing too serious o… ”

“You’ll know how serious it is when all your investments crumble right before you”

“Hmm… And at some point I thought you like this guy already… And here you’re trying to…”

“I’m not trying to do anything Cassy…I just want you to open your eyes… And don’t be carried away by love and his Cool and charming personality”

“I’m not carried away by anything… Youre just making a mountain out of a mole hill… Honestly Angie I don’t know if I should be worried right now… You care too much about me more than yourself.. ”

“Oh… That’s true… I guess I’m being too dramatic here”

“Com’on …. Don’t get me wrong… ”

“No its fine… I get the point”

Cassy sighed

“Look … I’m not a child… I appreciate it that you care and you’re looking out for me… But then… I think you should respect some of my decisions… Its about me not you okay… This is what I want… I want him to be part of everything I do… I lie to him once… And I do not want it to repeat itself…. You know me too well that I love being transparent in anything I do… Especially in relationship matters… So please dearie… Just this once.. Don’t object to what I say”

“Okay oh… But speaking of not being a child… I think with all due respect that youre a toddler when it comes to relationship and love matters… You just believe what you see… You don’t think deep… You…” She cut in

“Thats enough Bestie… Please don’t cross the line… This is my life anyways…and its my investments not yours.. So please stop telling me what to do AMD what not.. Because I won’t work this time”

“Oh really… If I’m correct you hardly listen to what I tell you”

“I do… But when you try to make me do what I don’t want or stop me from doing what I want… Then you don’t expect me to listen to you”

“Fine.. Fine..fine… Let’s cut the crap…have heard all you’ve said… And I’ll try as much as possible to respect all your decisions from now and… But I just hope you don’t come crying to me eventually… And I’ll really hate to tell you… Didn’t I warned you…”

” Trust me.. It won’t get to that point… I’m so sure about this guy and I know he’s my final bus stop… I’m not going to be sailing another ship”

“Your confidence alone baffles me… But like you said tjis won’t end in tears… And my prayer is it shouldn’t because with the way you’ve fall yakata for this guy.. I don’t think you’ll survive the heart break”

“It won’t end in tears… Trust me”. …Cassandra said confidently

Cassy introduced Derrick to her various businesses… She even told her workers that if she wasn’t there he would stand in for her… So he was automatically their second boss… Though Derrick disagreed… He told her that it wasn’t really necessary for her to do it.. But she insist that her Man has right to her wealths

Cassandra confidence and Love grew even stronger when Derrick declined the offer to be the second in command in her businesses…

When she told Angela about it… It was hard but somehow she took back her words….

Two weeks to Cassandra’s 30th birthday… She received her call from her Store Manage from one of her businesses……

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