October 21, 2021



At the age of 29. Cassandra had done well for herself owning three companies in three different states of the federation which is Lagos, Abuja and her state Enugu… She also had several businesses in lagos and outside lagos… She had over 200 graduates working in her companies… And over 100 well skilled people in her busineses….. Though she was born with a silver spoon or better enough golden spoon because Honorable Ifechukwu dickson i
Was a multi-billion… A lot of children from such homes will Definitely not move a musle to do a thing for themselves… They believe that since they have a rich father then automatically they’re rich.. but Cassy was different she worked hard for everything she had.. Lots of young ladies believe when they make expensive hair… Wear expensive clothes use expensive phones and have few thousand nails in their account then they call themselves ‘Big Girls’ but still depens on a man to do alot of other things for them. Cassy was the real defination of a big and independent lady.. And any man who came here way knew their Money was only a bonus and not a Ladder of upgrade … She was not only had working but Generous… She was a philanthropist … With a big heart… Everyone was her family and she cared so much for the poor massses … She was indeed mother of Nation..

But… We all know life doesn’t give us everything right.?… In Cassy’s case… A man was her problem… She had been into countless failed relationships… All the men only comes to rip her off ..and almost made her go bankrupt…. It was really a bone of contention… And her mother made matters worst.. I dont know for other tribes.. But mothers from the east or to be on a safe side I’ll say ‘Some’ mothers from the east are good at pressuring once it comes to marriage… “Bring a man home Cassandra… I’ and your father are not getting any younger neither you… You’re our first child… Lets your younger once follow your steps… Dont spend all your time working,working and working… Look for a Man o” That was Her mother… And that was the only tune Cassy heard each time she visited her family or received a call from her mother…

If you’ve been in such situation… You can imagine what Cassy was going through

Not that she wasn’t physically attractive in fact I must say she’s epitome of real beauty

But what was off?🤔

Is it that Rich and independent ladies finds it hard to get a Husband?
If yes… But why?


Maybe like our Nigerian people will say ‘Her village people are after her… Could that be the case?…

Was it spiritual or man Made problems?

Am sure you want to find out what Cassy problem is…🤗. Me too 🤭

Theb join me as we… Discover what’s behinde the title DISGUISE!


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