October 21, 2021



📞Hello… Yes…Are sure you can you do this?.. Alright.. I’m counting on you … Bye📞 Angela disconnected the call

Cassandra came in looking happy

“Babes what’s up? Angie asked

“Seems like heaven has finally smiled at me”


“So there’s this particular guy… Hes always sitting at a corner. I. Noticed him three days ago.. He hardly talk… After his meal.. He just go… But guess what happened today”

“He became your knight in shining armour” Angela said knowingly

“Yes!… He’s actually the first guy that cared so much and I can see the sincerity in his eyes as he talked to my supposed boss”

“Hmm… I see… So you’ve finally find someone huh?

“Well I can’t say for sure”

“Ahah why?..shey once a guy shows you little kindness you’ll fall yakata why is this one different”

“Because I’ve to be careful”

“Oh… I see… Good thing you realize you really need to be careful… Anyways just keep an eyes on this one and let’s see what comes out of him”

“Hopefully something good” Cassandra said excitedly

“You’re just happy sha”

“Yes I really have to… You should have seen how the guy stood up for me like I’m his wife ”


“And he’s so handsome… He’s my spec”

“Take it easy Cassandra… Remember other people to can disguise to be who they’re not just to get what they want…no be only you sabi the game”

“Mine isn’t a game… Once I’m comfortable and sure of this guy… I’ll. Show him who I’m”

“Sounds easy… Anyways good luck”

Angela said and smirked

It was happening too far

The way Cassandra and Derrick became really close… They became so close that Cassy visited him at his place….

It happened too far I must say

Derrick was a nice guy
Caring and understanding… He was only a bus conductor but he always tried to help cassy in anyway he could …
He was not just caring but also
Ambitious…with these… Cassy fell head of hills for him without thinking twice…

“You speak fluently… And I’m wondering what a guy like you will be doing a bus conduct” Cassy had asked in one of their meeting

“I like it” he replied nonchalantly

“I know … But I think we’re close enough to tell me more about yourself”

“Theres nothing to tell… I’m just a bus driver with big dreams” he replied

“Big dreams? That’s sounds impressive.. So what are the dreams?

“Start up businesses”

“Hmm… That sounds great… Don’t you want to go to school?

“I’m a graduate”

“Oh wow …. So why not get a white collar job instead”

“No… I want to start up a business of my own… I believe that’s what im meant to do”

“Oh… I see… So what’s the business you’d want to start?

He turned and looked at her

“You ask like you can help ”

“Who knows something might happen”

“Why are you even working in that restaurant… You dont look like someone who isnt used to doing such work”

“Uhmm… Yea…I’m just doing it for the main time… But I can help you achieve your dreams”

He laughed

“Sorry I’m laughing… But what we’re talking about is millions of Naira… How on earth can a Restaurant attendant help with such money ?…and I wouldn’t want you to do anything stupid just to raise money for me…. I really like you Cassandra…and I appreciate you’re trying to help… But this is above you and I for now…. All I want to do is get you out of that your place of work first… Before thinking about myself”

Cassandra was feeling so emotional … She was closed to tears…
No doubt

She had met a lot of guys who claimed to be nice and caring but this particular guy for her was genuine and sincere…shecould feel it

He really cared about her…

But she was scared…
How will he feel when he finds out about her real identity

She was scared she would lose him

She so much wanted to help him… She was capable and she wanted to… But how will she do it with ruining what they had built together for the past few months?

Let’s find out in abit…

What awaits Cassy

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