October 21, 2021



Most people believe that if you truly want something or want to achieve anything… You’ve to step out of your comfort zone…. Youve to do all it takes for you to achieve it….

That was the case of Cassandra.. She believed her new quest will help her find what she want so badly… But unknown to her that the worst will meet her in the process….

She was able to convince the owner of a particular restaurant…. Though the lady was reluctant know who she was… But Cassandra told her why she was doing it and beg the lady to just allow her be there for weeks or maybe a month… The lady accepted

Cassandra paid her handsomely… She also told the lady to but always harsh on her…

” I really need you to act like its real… I believe this is my last chance if this fail then I’ll give up” she told the lady worriedly

“People will know you ” the lady complained

“Don’t worry about that… I’ll be unrecognized… Just play your part well”

“Alright then” they finally agreed on it

Going to the restaurant and also going to the office was really a huge task for her… But knowing why she was doing it she decided to push through….
First week into her quest… It looks as if nothing was going to come out of it…
While she was there… She realize that most rich people don’t really care about the poor… And it was painful

She told her friend how people insulted her at every slightest mistake

“You wanted these so don’t complain” Angela said to her unconcerned

“Its not about me Angie.. Its about how people at the grass root level ate being treated…. ”

“That’s what rich people like you do na… Oppress the poor” Angie said coldly

“Com’on you can’t generalize it… Not all rich are wicked and heartless… ”

” Cassandra… The truth remains that rich oppress the poor direct or indirectly…. Case close” she said in a tone of finality

Cassy looked at her for awhile before asking

“Are you okay… Why are you acting cold towards me?


“Go on and tell me…what have I done wrong”

Angela was quite for awhile before speaking

“Honestly… This your game I not working for me…what will people say when they find out that you’re doing all these just to fimd a man”

” oh… Are you that worried about me?

“I’m …. And i really care about you… I know this wont get down well… ”

” you promise to give me your 100% support … So whats all these now ?

“I’m just looking out for my Bestie”

“And I appreciate… I’m not a child when something goes wrong I’ll back off immediately… And if this thing do not work… I’ll just rest and focus on other things”

Angie sighed


“Thank you for caring so much about me”

“If I dont who will afterall We’re friends”

Friends Indeed

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