October 21, 2021



Angela got back from workand found Cassandra looking all excited

“Hmm.. Girlfriend whats with the excitement?…. Did you win a contract or what?

Cassy didn’t respond instead she keep on grinning from ear to ear

“Can you just save me from this curiosity”

“Okay okay fine! I’ll tell you… but you should at least sit down first”

“No need”

“You’ve too”

“Fine! Angela sighed and sat down

“So I think I’ve an idea on how to find a man”

“Are you kidding me right now! Angela said with disappointment written all over her face

“I’m serious” Cassy said smiling

“So all this thirty six of yours you’re shining is because of a man?

“It worth it… And truth me my plan is going to blow your mind…and I’m so confident I’ll help me find someone”

Angela stared at her for awhile before talking

“But you said you need a break from l this marriage palava .. With the space of Three months right before my eyes another guy came and left like every other guys… And i was thinking you’ll truly drink a cup of water amd rest for once . but No here you’re planning something else… Are you that desperate?

“Obviously I’m … Because I said I needed a break doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying…. No matter what ut takes….”

“But your mom isn’t bothering you anymore…. ”

“And so? I should sit and wait for a man to come… I’ll 30 in less than 4months… I’m getting older … ”

“I still think youve to….”

“Angie lets not go over this again please ”

“Fine… Suit yourself!

“So can I talk now?

“Am all ears”

“I was thinking maybe I can act like a poor lady… ..”

” Goodness gracious! Wwit is this the thing or the plan you want to…..” She cut in

“Yes… Trust me it will work” she said confidently

Angie couldn’t control her laughter

“Babes tell you spent the whole day watching Nollywood movies right ?

Cassy smiled

Angie burst out in laughter again

“Whats the title?

“Title of what?

“The movie you watched na”

“Oh… The Prince and the poor maiden ”

“Holy molly!😂 “So you had a day off at work and the only thing that comes to your mind is to watch Nollywood movie….and now you want to act your own…see abeg just snap out of this whatever it is you call it… Its not going to work at all… That thing you saw is just a movie it cant happen in real life”

” just be positive…”

“Hmm… I doubt if i can be positive in a case like this… Okay let me say I want to agree that truly people disguise themselves just to find a life partner… I think it should be for the guys and not ladies….. ” she cut in

“But you said men donot like rich ladies”

“Thats not what i said… Look this thing isn’t making any sense at all… It looks so childish to me and I don’t see how this will help you find someone who will stay with you ”

“I strongly believe something positive will come out of this…I just need you 100% support”

“You’ve always gat me.. But…”

“No buts… Now to the plan”

Angie. Sighed and said


“So there’s someone I know who has a restaurant…I can just go there and be one of their attendance… You know?

“I dont know its your plan I just have to agreed to whatever you have to say… But trust me… I’ll find yourself trending on social media soon… Because i wonder who dont know Cassandra Dickson”

“I’ll be careful… Once i find someone game over”

“I still maintain my grounds… This this isn’t making sense.. But yiuve got my support anyways”

“Thank you darling😊”


I know this is funny and y’all will be wondering 🤔is this what this girl is trying to write 🤦‍♀️…

Okay just calm down😅

This isn’t Nollywood Movie 😉

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