October 21, 2021



“Cassandra you can’t continue keeping to yourself.. Tomorrow will make it one week since you visited your family… And ever since you’ve refused to say a word to me… You knowhow much your silence kills me … Say something Cassy”

Cassandra didn’t utter a word she continued operating her laptop

Not getting anyword from her . …Angie closed her laptop to gain her attention

“Now talk to me!

“There’s nothing to talk about truly”

“There’s a lot to talk about Cassy”

“But I dont want to talk”

“Well you’ve no choice or I’ll keep this laptop till youre ready to talk”

Cassy sighed

“You’re so impossible at times”

“That’s right so am all ears shoot”

“My parents wanted me to marry Christian”

“Chris? You mean Chris Adewale?

Cassy nodded

“Omg! Babes you should be happy.. I told you you’ll find your prince charming and you did am so happy for you babe” Angie said excitedly

Cassy hissed and got up to stretch her legs

“Babes… Why the face… You’re suppose to be happy and I mean very happy”

“Whats there to be happy for… Seems you don’t know Chris… That idiot I told you I had a one night stand with back in the states….the guy i thought something good was going to come out of him but instead I discovered he’s just a scum!

“Omg… I totally forgot its the same Chris… But do your parents know you two knew each?

“Yes… But they didn’t know how”

“Look Cassy that shouldn’t stop you ftom… ” she cut in

“Getting married to that fool who rubbished me because of a one night stand.. He really took me for One of those sluts he go about with… That guy showed me hell.. And you really want me to settle down with him… Please that won’t happen!

“I understand… But….”

“I’m not expecting a but.. After reminding you of who this guy is…. ”

“Hmm… This is Chris Ade we’re talking of here oh”

“I don’t care Angie!

“Girls will kill to have him no matter what he do to them…. Including me”

“To hell with him!… Case close Angie!

That was the last time they talked about Chris Issue

Hon. Dickson had tried to talk to his daughter but she kept on avoiding him … But he decided to pay her a surprise visit at her office

,📞Hello ma’am your Dad is Here📞

the secretary told Cassandra over the phone… She was suprised but she couldnt keep her father waiting

📞Let him in📞 the said and drop the call

“Dad this isn’t the right place to talk” she said as he sat down comfortably

“At least greet your father first”

“Good Day” she murmured

“Cassandra I know you’re upset and you’ve every reason to be… I just want to say sorry”

“Sorry for what dad? You should have at least told me what you were up to”

“Your mom….” She cut in

“I know… Shes always the master mind of everything… I’m an adult I should be allowed to make decisions for myself…. Y’all should stop taking this marriage thing like a big deal… After all everyone isn’t destined to marry… Please I really need a break from all of you people… I’m tired and I won’t continue beating up myself because I’ve been into several fail relationships… After all I didn’t fail all round”

“Like I said you’ve every reason to be angry… But this is me saying I’m sincerely sorry… I’ll allow you to make decisions yourself and I’ll try as much as possible to stop your mom from her usual troubled”

“Its fine dad have heard you”

“So we good?


“You can come home anytime”

“I’ll when I’m chanced”

“Alright dear… Just be fine and always know I and your mother loves you and we mean well for you”

“I love you too dad… I really appreciate your concern and care… ”

“Now I’ll leave you to get back to work.. Bye for now”

“Bye dad”. She pecked him


Things continued as usual

With in threemonths… Cassandra got heart broken yet again… But she didn’t stop trying… She knew some how one day she’d find the man for her… The man who will love her rather less of her high statuse…

But was she really going to find a man ?

Let’s find out !😉

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