October 21, 2021



“Are you really sure about this? Angela asked Cassy as she got prepared for the Party

“My dear I promised my dad I’ll be there so no going back”.. Cassandra replied and she did the finishing touch of her make up

“You can come up with an excuse you know…am sure he’ll understand”

“He wont understand anything… Promise is promise… I’ll go there and face whatever I meet there.. Dont worry yourself ”

“I’m just looking out for my friend that’s all… Because i know if anything goes wrong… Na me you go con dey cry for”

They both laughed

“Trust me Angie I’ll be fine… Like you said I should have gotten used to my mom’s harassment… So dear I can deal with this”

“If you say so…I rest my case”

“Thank you so much for your concern”

“Do you really have to thank me?

Cassy smiled….

That was something about Angela she disliked being told thank you especially from Cassandra… Angela kept on saying no matter the little kindness and concern she showed Cassy it won’t measure up to that of Cassy’s towards her…

“Babes I thought you’re coming with me? Cassy asked as she took a quick glace at her beautiful self in the mirror

“Coming yo where?… Abeg o… Tjis party is not for people like us”

“And what do you mean by people ‘like us’?

“You know what I mean…and besides this is supposed to be a family and maybe close friends get-together right”

“You’re my close friend” Cassy said seriously

“Well true but I dont think this party is meant for me… And I’m not even ready to face your mother am sure she’ll be ready to tell who ever that cares to listen that I’m that one preventing you from getting a man”

“Haba!” Cassy exclamated

“But I’m not lying”

“I know… I’m just wasting my time.. This one that you’re bring up one thousand and one excuses not to follow me.. I know you won’t get up from that place you’re… But its fine … Just wish me well”

“Good luck sweetie… I pray you meet your prince charming”

“Amen oh” Cassy said aloud

“But wait o… Where’s the prince charming going to be coming from? She asked as she stared at Angie

“Anything can happen baby girl… Now run along so you’ll meet him right on time”

“Joker ” they both laughed while Cassy got into her car and drove off

Angie stood there until Cassandra left
At Hon. Dickson’s Gigantic Mansion
The party has already kicked off
Cassy knew she was already late but good thing she already told her father that she would be late

“Here comes my Beautiful and delectable daughter” Hon. Dickson announced as his daughter walked in

The few people prensent focused their attention on her as she walked in

Cassy almost forgot how to walk.. With her head down she managed to get to the little gathering without missing her steps

“Good evening everyone” she greeted still bowing her head

“Welcome my dear”

“Welcome Nne”

“Hope you’re okay”

The people present greeted
And she replied them all.still bowing her head

“No one told me she’s this shy….Mom, Dad you both know how much i dislike shy ladies… They disgusting me”.

On hearing the voice that sounds A little familiar… She raised her head to see who the person was

“Chris! She called out in surprise

“Yea its me.. Surprise huh?

“I… I’m not surprised… I’m just wondering what you’re doing here” Cassy replied trying hard to conceal her nervousness

“You two know each other? Chris mother asked

“Yes” Chris said

“No” Cassy put in immediately

“Yes , No! which one are we to take?.. Cassy mother asked impatiently

“Its obvious your daughter is not only a annoying shy lady she’s also a Liar!

“That was too harsh! His father cautioned

“I dont care.. Because this lady here is a liar… ! He said rudely again

“Okay can we all just take a glass of water to ease this tensed atmosphere” Hon. Dickson said as he gulped down a chilled glass of water

Cassy immediately did the same she really needed to calm her nerves

Was her parent trying to do some sort of match making?

With Chris of all men

No way!

“I know I’m desperate but not to end up with a scumbag! She said to her self as she drank another glass of water

“Dinner is served” the cook announced and both families took their sit…. Chris and Cassandra sitting opposite each other
They ate silence for awhile until Chris decided to show himself

“I must confess you’ve got a very bad cook here… Like I’m trying hard to endure it but this rubbish isn’t working for me at all” he complained rudely

“The food taste nice Chris” his mother said softly trying not to offend him the more

“Nice for you not me!

He kept on throwing shades at the cook and the meal… Cassy parents tried to calm him down but instead he became even more insultive

Not being able to hold back the anger that had welled up in her… She got up

“Chris or what ever you’re called i think you’ve said enough!.. If you don’t like the food then leave it…why insulting everyone!

“Seriously? Is this the lady y’all want me to settle down with huh?

“You must be dreaming Chris… I rather die single than being your wife!

“Then be prepared to die single… I was only trying to help you cause im sure no man will look at you not to talk of wanting to wife you…”

“Keep on dreaming Chris! And you really think you’ll be helping me if you marry me… Hahaha funny joke!

“If only i knew it was you i wouldn’t have bothered myself coming to this useless get together… Rubbish!

“Can you two just keep quite! Hon.Dickson ordered

“I’m highly disappointed in you two ” his father said

“You should be disappointed in the woman whom you’ve found for me … She doesn’t even have manners!

“Look who’s talking of manners”

“Enough you two! Any more word from you both… You won’t believe what I’ll do”

“Is that a threat? Oh its lame! Chris said scornfully

“You know what Chief I think this match making or whatever wont work… I’m not ready to have a son in-law who’s ready to beat me up at any given opportunity … You may leave with your son ”

“What? You must be joking dear… You know how long we’ve been waiting and planning for this… Now that chris is back you want all our waiting to go down the drain ? That wont be possible! Cassandra has decided to sit and fold her arms are we also going to do same? Chris is going no where… This marriage must hold… Every girl out there will kill to have a man like Chris as husband Cassy case isn’t different this man must marry her!

Everyone was silent

Cassy breath in and out to calm down

“Chief Adewale and Mrs Ade wale . With all due respect… I’d like for you to take your leave now.. And i mean right now.. Like my father said this union can not and will never hold”

“Shut that your mouth you this ungratefulatful girl! What have we not done for you? Why have you choose to bring shame upon us… Why… ?

“Mummy stop! stop please! do you really have to do this all the time? Yes im 29! yes I’m not married! yes my mates are married or about to! yes my younger sister is married! yes All my younger siblings are engaged.!.. And so what? And so what mom.!.. That I’m desperate because of you doesn’t mean I’ll settle with a man like Chris… This arrogant..Woman beater. Promiscuous womanizer … It will never happen! I rather remain single than marrying him… I knew all these was your idea… I knew you forced dad to agree to this… But I’ll
Disappoint you yet again I will never marry Chris Never! Ever!

She said and left Angrily

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