October 21, 2021



📞Hello dad📞

📞Hello my dear how are doing ? 📞

📞Am fine dad and you ?📞

📞Am fine as well… Hope your work is going just perfect?

📞Yes.. Tho not Perfectly… But we’re pushing through📞

📞I trust you my dear and I must say I’m indeed proud of you and all your achievements📞

📞Thank you dad📞

There was a quick pause

📞So dad… I guess you have something very important to tell me..because You and I know you rarely call..so shoot 📞

He laughed

📞You’ll always remain my favorite daughter no matter what📞

📞Hmm dad… You’re being too nice… Just tell me what I’ve done wrong this time📞

He hesisted before talking

Cassy was saying the truth… He rarely call her and he always sound nicely when he wanted to tell her something important unlike his wife who always hit the nail on the head without considering how it hurts the person she was telling

📞There will be a Get-Together party on Sunday 📞

He finally said

📞I thouht as much📞 Cassy said and they both laughed

📞So am i seeing my beautiful daughter on sunday📞

📞No dad im going to be busy 📞

📞on sunday?📞

Cassy knew she couldn’t use work as excuse.. for her father to call her by himself… It must really be a special get-together party and its been organized because of her… She was more like the host… So She was stuck … No excuses could save her from not attending the party and also get to see her mom who will once again remind her That her Imidate younger sister Anna was married and soon would start having children while she continue working her ass out and dashing out money to people who dont care whatever becomes of her if she ends up not seeing a man to marry her

📞 Okay dad you got me … I’ll be there on sunday.. Whats the time?📞

📞6pm… And please be prompt📞

📞That I’m not sure of cause I’ve to take care of somethings before coming… But just know I’ll show up and thats because of you 📞

📞I kmow my dear… Thank you in advance 📞

📞You’re welcome… One more thing dad pleae help me beg youre wife not to ruin my sunday evening.. I’d appreciate if she mind her business this once📞

📞 your mom will be in her best behaviour on sunday📞

📞Alright then… Till sunday .. For now bye and take care of Your old self📞

📞Yes her majesty📞… They both laughed and the call was disconnected

Cassy was fond of her dad… They really had a good father and daughter relationship while she was growing up… Even up until she grew into an adult.. Tho her busy schedules hardly give them time to talk… Even her busy dad was always in and out of the country… So a lot had changed… They saw once a while and they spoke over the phone once in months…. Hon. Dickson thought it was because Cassy was yet to get married and she felt he would treat her just like her mother was doing…. But he couldn’t do such… Yes he was worried and he wanted her to get married… But that won’t make him pressurize her unnecessarily… He had told his wife countless times to take things easy on Cassandra that at the right time she would settle down… But his wife being who she was… Turned deaf ears.. She said

“if we keep quite and watch that girl trust me she’ll end up not marrying and that will never happen… That’s why I’ll continuously ringing it in her head so she’ll take a break from her tons of work and look for a man”

“You’re funny you know?.. When you say ‘She should go out and look for a man sounds as if there’s a particular market men are being sold so she should go there and shop… Look because it was easy for us doesn’t mean it will be easy for our children.. Marriage isn’t a childs play one has to be really prepared because going in… Its not a thing of rush or something you do out of unnecessary pressure just the way you’re doing… And if our daughter gets married because of your constant pressure believe it or not that marriage may not last”

“If that’s a cure I rejected it…at 29 Our daughter can’t boast of a Boyfriend not to talk of finance or husband… And its alarming why you aren’t bothered at all… Its as if I’m the only one hearing what the world is saying about my first daughter”

“Thats your problem… What people say…. To be honest no matter what you do in life people will still have what to say… That’s why you don’t have to care about what people say”

“No.. Sometimes you’ve to care so as to change for the better”

“Change for people… Darling you’re smarter than this thing you’re doing…Cassy is 29 she’s an adult she knows what she wants without anyone telling her… Our people say you don’t tell a blind man that he’s blind… Because he’s fully aware …. She already feels bad… You don’t have to add to it please”

“I doubt if that girl care about her problem… She’s so engross in her work… And her Generosity towards people…she dont care shes getting old and she’s a woman and she has to settle down before its too late… all her mates are all married except that her friend but that one already has a fiancee only my daughter only Cassy can’t find a man for herself.. Because shes too busy”

Dickson looked at his wife as if to spank her for talking like a child

But he get hold of himself and said

“I think I’m done with this unproductive conversation” he left her while she continued ranting on and on

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