October 21, 2021



most people have friends… And they also have that particular person(s) they call BESt friend (s)….. Some people think its a bad idea to have a Best friend… Because they’re the one capable of stabbing you at yhe back… While some people think its the best thing in the world… They’d say Friends makes the world beautiful… And its true

Cassandra had been best of friends since their first year in Senior secondary class.. Though they knew each other n Junior classes but they were just class mate then

Until the day Cassy Stood up for Angie when she was being bullied by the ‘Pink ladies gang’ that was the notorious bad girls in their secondary school days who terrorize evryobe including the teachers nd that was because the leader of the gang was the ower of the school daughter Betty was her name

At that time…in secondary school Angie was opportune to attend such school through the help of state scholarship… She was from a average family… He mother was a primary school teacher and her father was Security man in one establishment… Though they would have been able to train her through school but definitely Not ‘Queens College’ it was way beyond their Level.. But all thanks to her brilliancy which help her get a scholarship. So being like a poor girl amongst the children of Doctor,Judges,Senators,Millionaires, billionaires and other highly places
Individuals in the country was not easy for Angela… Her intelligence didnt save her from the proud arrogant girls in Queens
So always received I’ll treatmesnts from other students but Pink ladies was what she never wished to experience because those girls were Devil’s incanate

On that fateful and unforgettable day… The day The friendship between Angela and Cassandra began.

As usual the girls started harassing Angie.. They insulted and called her names.. Other silly student filmed the incident and as usual posted it in the school blog

Cassandra intervened when they torn Angie’s Shirt… Just like a angry Mother hen Cassy fought for Angie… They dealt with those girls especially Betty… Whos father was a close ally to her father … That was the first time Cassandra ever fought with anyone in her life and that cost her a punishment from her Non nonsense father

Angie was really surprised she never knew anyone would stand up for her in that school… Not o talk of Cassandra Dickson.. That was really Huge

She always took her to be like the other proud brats.. Though Cassy hardly talk in class or anywhere but Angie just believed all rich kids are the same … Her mind set changed after Cassy came to her rescue she was her Knight I shining armor

For over 15 Years their friendship continued to blossom
They attended the same institution they were always seen together some people called them Sister or cousins

When they graduated And Cassy left the country for her masters Angie thought that was the end but Cassy came back and their closeness tightened
When Angie complained about accommodation when she got a job around where Cassy lived

Cassy was pissed

“You really don’t have to even tell me anything.. Just pack yiur things and move in already”

And that was how they began to live together.. Where ever Cassy was going Angie was always with her except for some special business trip or Angie was business with work

Angie has been Cassy’s support system… Each time she was heart broken Angie was ever ready to comfort and put a smile back on her face… She always advice her and try to tell her when she was getting it wrong when it comes to relationship.. Because Cassy was almost perfect in her career and businesses….

Cassy and Angie were inseparable

Of a truth Life is better when you’re with friends(s)

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