October 21, 2021



“Hey babes whats up?… Angela asked as she dropped her bag on the table and sat down opposite Cassy

“Am okay” Cassy replief replied absent mindedly

Angela observed her for a second and then she knew something was off

“Babes… Wetin make your face strong like Aba made shit ?

Cassy raised an eyebrow and burst out in laughter

“Exactly what I want to see.. Your beautiful happy face” Angie said and started taking off her heels

Cassy stopped laughing

“You sure do know how to put a smile on my face all the time” she said softly

“Thats why I’m your Best friend if I don’t who will?

“And I always appreciate you”

“You don’t have to darling”

Cassy smiled and rest her head in her open palms

“Now tell me what’s wrong? Angie asked all concerned

“I’ll tell you but before then… I’ll like to know if you’ve seen Aba made shit before”

They both busrt out in laughter

“Abeg no reason that one o”

“You’re crazier than I thought”.. Cassy put in as their laughter died down and Cassy sad face resurfaced

She heave a deep and frustrating sigh

“Honestly Angie I’m tired… Like ive had it up to my neck and I can’t take it anymore” Cassy complained bitterly

“Humm… Let me guess … Your mom called right ?

“Yes she’d call and…”

“And she was like ..’Cassandra bring a man home’. Right?

“Well its still the same issue of marriage but in a different and insultive way this time..can you imagine my mom. Called just to remind me that Anna’s wedding is this Saturday.. Like really? How could she even think of such way to rub it on my face that I’m 29 and I’m yet to marry… She’s just so unbelievable! Cassy said in mixture of anger and sadness

“Look babes… I think its high time you stop giving a damn to what your mom has to say… And besides you should have gotten used to all her pressures na… See dont let her allow you jump into marriage that you’ll forever live to regret… Just be calm im sure one day…. ” she cut in calmly but angrily

“One day,one day,one day… This one day never come…” She got up ” just take a look at me.. I’m beautifully endowed with everything a man would need in a woman physically… I’m intelligent.. I’m humble… I’m a good cook.. Im even good in bed… Because those bastards do say it… So whats the problem really?

Angie smiled and sat cassy down close to her

“Sweetie… With all these qualities a good man would come ”

“Angie to be honest I’m sick and tired of waiting for that good man… Let a man just come”

“Men.. Or most men are scared of Rich and independent ladies like you” ”

And why is that?

“Well I can’t really say.. But I’m sure most men out there prefer to be above their woman in everything including wealth and affluence ”

“Thats absolutely rubbish… I won’t blame myself for working hard and making my money genuinely”

“Thats not what I’m saying dear… ”

“Honestly what do men want… If she’s dependant and demanding… She becomes a liability and that’s a problem… She independent that also is a problem infact men have problems!… She said and threw the pillows off of the couch

“Depression is real baby and it leads to suicide… I can’t afford to lose you for something as petty as this”

“This isn’t petty for me… Youre saying this because its not you in this situation”

“Remember I’m not married”

“But at least you can brag about a man in your life… But I can’t… Today I’m in what looks like a serious relationship tomorrow I’m miserably single…”

“You’re not miserable Cassy… No worry.. Na them go dey rush you ”

“At 29 Angie… Them still wan rush me… The ones that rushed me only came for the money and you know how much I’ve lost in the name of trying to keep a man ”

“But cassy you follow get problem for that one”


“Yes na.. Like the way you always fall in love with these guys ehn… Its like a flash… Just a hi! Hi! Youve fall head over heels for them and they begin to loath you some of them lie in fact all of them lie to you just to collect money from you and the annoying part is you keep on believing and giving them.. Even when I tell you its scam you no go listen na when dem don chop you clean you’ll come and be crying on my shoulders”

Cassy was silent

Angie continued

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t show a man that you love him.. But there’s limit dont give him that ‘ i can’t live without you’ treatment… You also have to be independent when it comes to your feelings”

“Thank you miss lecturer but sorry your student isnt hearing a thing you’re saying… I need a man Angie… And I’ll do anything in my possible way to get one!

“I rest my case” Angie said in a tone of finality and they both laughed

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