October 21, 2021



” Hello dear… Good to see you … I wasn’t expecting you today” Derrick said with a little bit of panic in his voice

“Uhmm… Yes its an Emergency” Cassandra replied

“Oh… What happened? He asked

“At least let me in first” she replied

Derrick took a quick glance inside
Then he got a message on his phone

””Let her in I’m out””… He sighed in relief

“Come in” he said to Cassy with a sly smile on his face

Cassandra smiled back and followed him in… She looked around the room.. Trying to see what Derrick was hidding

“What is it? He asked

“Uhmm nothing… Just checking if you’ve something you’re hiding here” she replied with a genuine smile…

Derrick chuckled

“Sit” he told her… Cassy sat down… Still looking around…

“So.shoot”.. Derrick said

“Are you cheating on me Derrick”

He was shocked… He didn’t see that coming…


“You heard me… And don’t even cook up any lies cause I won’t believe it”

“Hey calm down baby… Why would you think I’m cheating on you… You know how much I love you…you mean a lot more you can ever imagine to me… I know its too early to start saying this… But you’re the air I breath… You’ve no idea how happy I’m to see you today….. I can’t cheat on you baby I can’t”…. Derrick said with all sincerity

Cassandra was quite for awhile before talking

“But why didnt you let me in immediately… You were acting as if there was someone here… And my instincts tells me you’re hiding something from me… Derrick I can’t take any more heart break… I… I…” Her voice trailed off as tears drop from her eyes

Derrick stare at her with tenderness in his eyes

“I love you Cassandra… I can’t see myself hurting you for anything… You’re my last bus stop ” he wiped her tears away

“Are you saying all of these to make me feel better?

“I wish you can see through my heart… Maybe you’ll believe me then… Like I said its happening too fast … But its sincere and true”

Cassandra was quite again…
She was trying to take in all he was saying… She knew he loved her… But just like her friend said… Stop giving them The I-cannot-lived-without-you attitude… So she really have to be strong not to be swept off her feet by his sweet word….
Just when Derrick thought it was over she asked

“What where you hiding?

“Bae?… I wasn’t hiding anything… My room is messed up and I didn’t want you to see it that way… That was why I looked in first and was a bit reluctant before letting Yuh in… You know almost everything about me bae… There’s nothing to hide absolutely nothing”

Truly his room was scattered…

And it was enough reason
Especially for someone like him who’s always neat and tidied

Cassandra moved close to him and hugged him tightly

“I just can’t afford to share you with anyone… I’m very possesive when it come to someone I truly love… ”

“And I’m okay with that… You own me Cassy… I’m all yours” he said give her a reassuring smile

“Promise me you won’t leave me no matter what ” she said looking straight into his eyes


“No matter what i say to you.. You’ll not change towards me?

“Promise…. Wait are you pregnant”

Cassy laughed

“maybe a spirit impregnated me”

He laughed.

“I was only asking a question…but trust me nothing can change how I feel about you … So feel free to tell me anything…”

“It may break your heart”

“Noted… Just go on and say it… I can handle heart break”

Cassandra sighed

“So… I lied about my identity”… She paused to see his reaction.. But he didn’t flinched

She continued

“I’m not a Resturant attendant im The daughter of Dickson tje multi-billoniar… Honestly Derrick I’ve been into so many relationships and everything seems not to work out…. So I thought of disguising as a Commoner maybe I could find a sincere man… And i think I found you”… She stopped and waited for him to say what was on his mind…

But he didn’t say anything

They were both silent…. Her heart was beating fast… His silence was tearing her heart apart… She was again desperate but This time just to hear him talk….

“Say something Derrick”.. She said almost in a whisper

He raised his head and cupped her face in his palm… Looking deep into her eyes… Emotions flowing like a river between them…. He planted a wet, deep and tender kiss on her lips…

“I love you Cassandra…. Nothing can change how I feel about you… I can imagine what you’ve been through… I’m here to mend your broken heart…. Just give me a chance… Open up your heart to me Cassy… Dont hold back those feelings…. I’m here for you… They say trust no body… But I can be your nobody Cassy… I don’t care who you’re or what you’ve… Its you I want its you that can make my life beautiful and sweet… Youre all that mattters to me…. And trust me I’m glad you did what you did… If not maybe we might not have met… Or maybe I’ll be scared to come close to you seeing the kind of lady you’re… But here I’m with you… Isn’t it obvious that we were made for each other?… Baby… Believe me or not…. I want to be with you for the rest of my life… And I pray God grant me my wish”

Cassandra… Couldn’t control her emotions…. She planted her lips on his… And he reciprocated

Their kissing was intense and filled with unsaid emotions…. The breeze of love was blowing through them…. Unable to control it anymore….. They made out 😋

Love is beautiful when you’re with the right person


Love hurts too


Best friends are connected Heart to Heart

But do you know Best friend can break your heart to pieces too



“I can see things is working out well between you and your man”… Angela said

“You can say that again baby girl”

“I must say I’m happy for you … Finally no more.’Angie I’m sick and tired of everything’ she mimicked Cassandra and they both laughed

“So when am i meeting him? Angela asked

“Soon” Cassy replied with a smile

“How soon o… Cause i can’t wait to meet this guy that is making you blush every minute of the day”

“Stop abeg… Anyways… Let’s see how Saturday will be… Will you be chanced?

“Anything for my girlie friend… I’ll prepared a special meal for him… What’s his favorite?

“I think its Pounded yam with Egusi..”

“Oh” Angie mouthed

“Saturday it is then”she quickly added

“Yea baby… But when am i meeting him too?


“The love of your life naw… The one you always tell me about”

“Oh that guy… You’ll meet him very soon”. Angie said and quickly added

“But its all about you baby girl”

“You can say that again ”

“Love is good o… Just look at how you’re glowing this days”

“You talk as if you’re not in love”

“Abeg leave me first and let’s focus on you… Do you know it now i believe it when you said this guy is sincere…. It really obvious you two are in love for real”

“Yea yea.. Sometimes just believe what i tell you”

“No doubt… So bae what’s next?

“Next about?

“You and him… Is it marriage things or?

“Hey… Slow down… Thats for sure but first…I need to set him up”

“Set him up?

“Yea… As in…. Him starting up something… Because I dont want to give my parents especially my mom any reason what so ever to say he isn’t good enough… So like he said … Business is what he want to venture into… Thats what we are going to do…”

“Wow… This guy is luck”

“No I’m the one who’s luck to have such man… He’s rare”

“Hmm… Obviously he’s…. Once again I’m happy for you”

“Thanks babe”

Angela phone rang

“Uhmm I need to get this call”

“He’s the one right ”

“No….” She said smiling

“Liar… Let me talk to him”

“No….. ” Angie said and ran off

Few minutes later

Cassy phone rang

One glance at her phone screen

A smile spread on her beautiful face

“📞Hello prince charming📞

She and Derrick spoke on the phone for hours

They said goodbye after promising to see each other the following day


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