October 21, 2021



“Look Cassy and really don’t jnow what you want me to say right now” Angela said as she walked out of the kitchen with a tray in her hands… Cassandra followed suit

“I just need you to help me out… Tell me what to do”

“What to do about what ?

“I told you before”

“Its not a crime of you remind me” Angela replied with looking at Cassandra

Cassy sighed
“You can be so impossible at times” she murmured

“I heard you” Angela said immediately

Cassandra laughed

“I need to help Derrick”

“How can you help him when he see you as a common Restaurant attendant huh”

“That’s why I’m confinding in you… You know two heads is Better than one”

“Hmm… I know… But if you want my honest and sisterly advice I’ll tell you to keep calm and continue observing that guy… Because to me all these looks like a scam… That guy go chop you clean”

“That’s not true..he doesn’t even know who I’m … I just want to help him… He’s a promising young man and I won’t have peace of mind if I don’t help him achieve his dreams”

Angela hissed

“Is like this one come with voodoo…”

“Abegi… This isn’t black magic… I’m so sure about this guy… I knew from the moment he defended me that very day… I know its been just two months we know each other… But thats enough for me to read him like a book… I don’t need a lifetime to know the kind of person he’s … I believe so much in this guy… I know he’s sincere ”

“And I know you’re already in love with him” Angela put in

“Yes I’m ” Cassy said and blushed

Angela sighed and looked at her friend who was so adamat in helping her…. What should I call it now… Okay… Her knight in shinning armor 🤦‍♀️…. Only if she knew what she was trying to do would leave her ruined and devastated

“So are you going to talk to me or continue mopping at me like you’ve seen a ghost” Cassandra words snapped her out of her thought

“Its obvious you really want to do this”

“Yes I want to … Just tell me how to go about it”

“Don’t blame me at last”

“I’ll take all the blames with my full chest” Cassy replied confidently

“Very well then… Now listen… You’re in love with him ….and maybe he’s too… ” she cut in

“Not maybe… He’s inlove with me” she sounded so confident yet again… Angela smirked

“Okay…. Then.. Just tell him who you’re”

“What? Is that your best shot? Like I should just meet him and tell him… ‘Hey I’m Cassandra Dickson the multi billoniar’s daughter’… Doest that sounds great huh?

“You should have calm down and At least let me finish”

“Babes… Telling him the truth is out of the plan… Like how can I face him… Or don’t you think I’ll lose him in the process of telling him the truth… I see that guy as a very discipline and responsible person…. ”

“So tell me what you want to do now” Angela asked

Cassandra was quite

“Your silence already said you don’t have another way out… Just tell him the truth if he walked away… Better… If not good for him… Because he just won the heart of a Millionaire” Angela said with a bit of Jealousy in her voice
But Cassandra was too distracted to noticed or hear it

“So that the only way out huh?

“Obviously… But if you can think of any one… Then go on with it”… Angela said and got up

At that moment Cassandra knew something was not right… Angela replies was cold

She got up and followed Angela
She held her by the shoulder to slow her pace

“Is everything okay? Cassandra asked softly


“No… This isn’t the Angela i know”

Angela chuckled and muttered under her breath
“Like you know her at all”

“Sorry you say? Cassy asked

“I said I’m fine… I’m just worried about you And everything ”

“Awwn… Who said I’m not lucky to have you as friend… Like my problems are always your problems… You even worry more than me.. Over my own problem…im so glad to call you my friend” Cassy said emotionally

Angela hugged her without saying a word as regards what she said

After they disentangled… Angela said
“Just be fine… And careful too”. She walked away

Cassandra stood there watching her Bestie with a smile on her face

“If only you were a guy… I won’t be single now… You’re the true definition of a friend”. Cassandra said as she went up stairs to her room to rehears how she would let the cat out of the bag

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤
Angela:- 📞Hello.. .. What is it… See please this isnt the right time to call.. I’m pissed and I’m sure you can hear that From my voice… Just do the needful.. And be quick about it… And we’ve to talk in person… Bye for now📞
She disconnected The call and lay down on the bed.. She kept on turning from side to side

“Why are you Anger Angela! She asked her self as she stood in front of the mirror

“I don’t know… ” she replied herself

“Breath in and out you’ll be just fine … Get hold of yourself Angela… Dont mess up.. You’ve got this… Youve always been in control… And you’ll always be … Until you say Its over”. She told herself

“You’ve got this baby” she said and left the house


Hey what are y’all thinking right now? 😅

Angela isn’t a bad girl

Or is she?🤔

I don’t know🤷🏼‍♀

But we can find out right?😊

Absolutely Yes…. 😁

Are you as curious as I’m ?🙂

Oh yes I know you’re😉

What’s this girl up to? … Thats the question on your mind right?

Okay calm down we will find out

Sorry for the late post

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