October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤


“You sent for me?

Ebun said as she entered his room

“What took you so long? He asked without looking at her

She wanted to lie again
To avoid that
She kept mute instead

Not getting a reply from. Her… He dropped his phone on the bed and then looked at her

“Wo…. Ebun.. This enemies you want us to become will not work… Kole work rara…. The earlier you calm down and listen to…or rather do as i say the better for you o”

“And if i dont?

“You dont even have a choice at all….”

“And why do you think I don’t have a choice?

“First you’re under my roof….” She interrupted him

“Ejó! I was not homeless before now…I had a roof over my head… All these past years of my life youve not contributed a dime in my up bringing!

He laughed out loud

“Is that the lies your mother fed you with? Huh? Wo let me tell you if i was not having a good brother and sister relationship with your mother you won’t be here… Look let’s cut all this crap and face the main….” She didn’t let him finish

“Main what ehn?… Even if I’m not a born again… I’ll never ever bring myself to doing such abomination!… I’m a lawyer and I strongly stand against Incent… Its the dirtiest sin on earth haba Uncle Lanre… Youve the money to flinge around..Good thing youre attractive too… You can go out there and get any type of thing in skirt and do what ever you want to do with them for all I care…. Im not saying cheating is good… But if your life Is tied to it… Then cheat with an outsider and not with your Sister’s Daughter!… Think uncle… Because with the way you’re behaving I don’t think you think at all… You just do what ever that comes to your mind… You’re moved by what you see… You… You just ….. Oh lord! She was speechless

The man had been sitting there paying close attention to all she said
Acting like some sense was begining to find its way back to him… Ebun smiled in her head thinking she had succeeded in talking him out of wanting her… But when he finally spoke…. She almost Choked

“Are you Done with your Sermon? Pastor Miss Ebunoluwa…Errm… You don’t have a surname omo Alé ní é (You’re a Bast*rd) Motí sór fùn é… I always get what I want… And its you I want… I’m hungry for you gídí gan… I want you bad bad Kíní mí gbona each time I see you… The desire is burning every single day… I can’t continue punishing myself….. ”

Ebun was Numb

She stopped thinking

She thought the man was completely insane

Or maybe she was the one going crazy

Lanre got up from the bed and came close to her…. Drawing and invisible line on her body and gently whipering some seductive words in her ears

“I know you want me….. Look me in the eyes and say you don’t and I promise not to bother you again”

This was tough!

The devil knew it was time to come to play

For no reason Ebun couldn’t raise her head and look him in the eyes

She fought so hard

But couldn’t…. Her body was responding to his touch… Her legs became weaker…her head was numb
She tried to move but couldn’t…
She stood still
he kept on unleashing the monster in her… Gradually it was waking up…

She could feel it

She was a step away from exploding

He had so much effect on her… And that alone surprised her

“For Goodness sake Ebun… He’s you goddam uncle!

But she had already lost it

Of course she couldn’t tell how the got to the bed…him on top…still exploring her and turning her on and on…and giving her no space to think of even saying a word….
They were so close

So so close that it was only her undies that was holding them

“What the H*ll are you doing girl?

Well she wasn’t even paying attention to the voice talking to her in her head

Still trying to put her under his control

They heard a loud scream coming from the living room

And just like a flash

She came back to her sense and pushed him off her without looking maybe he hit his head on anything she threw herself into her clothes and ran out as fast as her shaky legs could carry her

“What happened to him? She asked Desmond who was holding his younger brother’s Hand which was gushing out blood


“Remember don’t lie! Ebun said

He took a deep breath before speaking

“I kept the knife on the table and he took it…I was trying to collect it from him…but he kept on dragging it and then…. It cut him” the boy narrated in fear and tears

Without uttering a word she quickly rush the boy to the nearest hospital because he was really bleeding

While all these was happening Lanre didn’t come out to see what was the cause of the Loud screaming… Well you wouldn’t blame him… The monster was wide awake and he couldn’t come out with it like that so he had to remain in his room…. With the assurance that Ebun would take care of what so ever that had happened

But he was pissed

“And I was so close” he said to the monster

“I don’t think I’ll have this opportunity again…Never! He said again still staring down there

He clicked his tongue and threw himself on the bed Angrily

“What will i do with you now ? He murmured



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