October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤


For some reason she could pinpoint Ebun couldn’t disclose what was going on to anyone. And it really surprised her. She remembered vividly While in school she had helped Girls Handled sexual Harassment and one of the first things she told such people who find themselves in such situation was to ‘Speak up’ No matter how hard it was. But there she was in the same situation going through same Harassment but she just couldn’t bring herself to telling anyone…
She wasn’t close enough with anyone at the office where she was doing her internship. So she couldn’t talk to anyone there.. Her mother would have been the best person to talk to but the woman seem not to be giving her listen ears lately since she started living with her uncle… But even at that Ebun still didn’t know how she’ll start telling her mother all about it

“Would she even believe me? This was the same question that kept on going back and forth in her head

Victim in such situation…. Always think of feel no one would believe them when they speak up Especially in a case of Incest. Member of the family would try to shut the victim up so as not to tarnish the image of the family.

Thinking of all these… It makes the victim continues to Endure and go through pains… And this can or would cause them Long lasting Trauma…..

But NGOs and Every other bodies who are responsible for cases like this still advice every girl child and also The males because they themselves go through sexual Harassment and frankly speaking it is even more hard for a male child to come out and speak up….

Nevertheless…. The first step in eradicating the increase of Sexual Harassment or molesation begins from the Victim…. And the first thing the victim is supposed to do is to ‘Speak up’…. Talk to someone… But advisably a trusted person… Because unfortunately in our society today We’re always quick to judge even before knowing or hearing the root of the matter.

Back then… It was very easy for her to talk and tell people what to do when they find themselves in such situation… But there she was going through what Thousands of millions of girls are going through on a daily basis all over the world if I’m not exaggerating… But she couldn’t talk to anyone… First she was scared no one would listen or even if they do… They wont believe her or they would criticize her and maybe tag her a bad person for trying to Ruin a member of her family… Already the man(Lanre) had asked her who she was going to tell. So maybe even if she Summon all courage and confinde in someone maybe her uncle would buy his way out of such scandal and guess what she would become the Devil….
With money a lot can change in a seconds

A lot was on her mind… In as much as she knew the right bodies to meet and tell what she was going through… Yes she desperately wanted to Set herself free from the situationship she was in but then again her fears wouldn’t let her make the right moves…. Her fears took the best of her…. Her fears overpowered her and shut her eyes and mind completely from seeing or thinking of what terrible outcome awaits her if she continued to remain silence..

Things changed around her… After the close s*x encounter with her uncle… She became withdrawn… She was always lost in her own thoughts… Thinking and thinking of a way out of the mess she was in

Thinking of the possible and easy way to break free from her uncle before it get too late

Even with the way things ways getting way out of hand… Even as it was getting to a stage of ‘Be Careful’
Ebun still believe and hoped she could deal with the situation all by herself without needing to involve a third, fourth or whatever party…
She was trying to protect her uncle’s image… Well I think that was what she used to console herself for not being able to tell anyone what her uncle was up to or doing to her

“He’s my uncle…. This is just a passing infatuation and mere Desire I’m sure very soon he will come to his senses and realize what he’s doing is totally wrong…. I know this will pass I don’t have to involve anyone…”

With this she resolved not to telling anyone about it… Instead she said she would deal with it by herself

Family matters are not to be said outside Agreed!… Yes its not altogether nice to wash ones or family dirty laning outside very well.whatever the case maybe family members should be able and capable to settle and resolve it amongst themselves without necessarily involving any outsiders.. But if you ask me.. In a case like this…when it comes to Sexual Assault, Harassment or molestation… There’s absolutely nothing like FAMILY!
If you see something!
Say Something!
No matter who it maybe
Be it Father to daughter
Mother to son
Brother to sister
Sister to brother
Uncles, Aunties to Cousins
Nephew to Niece
Even Neighbors
House maids

You can name them

Speak up!

If such people have the mind to commit or do such things

Then you the victim shouldn’t cover them up

Yes you maybe criticized
Yes the stigma maybe there

But knowing the culprit has been brought to book is enough to keep you going

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