October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤


🌹In The Beginning……..🌹

❤In 1⃣9⃣9⃣7⃣ ❤

“Tunde I said I’m pregnant ”

“I heard you very clearly before” he replied nonchalantly


“So kini? He asked back

“What are you saying?

“Saying about what?

“Stop all these naw… Kini gbogbo eleyi? (What’s all these)

“Youre the one to stop all this nonsense jokes… Ko funny rara”

“Tunde… So you think im joking abi?… You think this is a joke?

“Abike…. Wo mo fi olorun oba bè é… Ma fi ti é kobami shogbo?(i beg you in the name of God don’t affect me iwth yiur problems)

She chuckled darkly

“Is like you’re not okay abi… Im here telling you something very serious and your saying… Ki ma fi temi koba é…. “(Which one is i shouldn’t affect you with my problems)

“Kilofekinshè nisin?(what do you want me to do?) Like what am i supposed to do… Youre pregnant yes?… You’re young… I’m young… We both have our goals.. To achieve…. We still have a long way… And i mean a very long way to go…. And as you know… I just gained admission in the university… Just so you know Abike Fathering a child now is not in my agenda…. In fact I don’t even know when I’ll be ready…. Okay let’s forget about me… You nko… ? Are you ready now to be a mother? Okay let me say… You’re ready o… Pe your can’t flush that thing out o… Baa re nko? What will you do with your father? Everybody knows he’s a very devoted Christian
Man of God ni…. And you know automatically youre expected to be a good example to others and follow your father’s foot steps So tell me how will you manage to drag the name of your family… Your father’s dignity …. Into the mud… Because of something you can possibly take care of and avoid unnecessary drama and… And…. “. He ran short of words….

“In a nut shell Tunde what exactly are you trying to say? Tori gbo gbo long story yi ko yeemi rara”(I dont understand all these long story)

“In a nut shell Abike… Get rid if that thing!

“Orie baje(your head isnot correct)… In fact o stup*d gan… Just listen to yourself… When you broke my hymen you don’t know it will get to this abi?… All those quickie you ask for you didn’t have it at the back of your mind that one day it will get to this abi?

“I was fully aware that it will get to this… No matter how careful we were… But I expected you to do the right thing”

“So the right thing in your own way is Murder abi?

“Which one is murder and father again… Shey you take knife to. Chuk abi g*n to sh*ot any body ni? Just how much kini youll take… And all these will end ”

“Tunde…. News flash…. I Abike will never ever commit murder… I’ll not add to my sins… Not anymore…. But I curse the day I met the…. The day I let you have your way…. I curse that day… Don’t worry yourself…I’ll go through this alone…. I’ll face all challenges myself…. And I bet you…. I’ll survive!

Abike left … With a heart broken in pieces…. She loved Tunde so much… He was her senior In secondary school… Even before he made advance at her… She liked him so much…. Her friend warned her… But she turned deaf ears

“Tunde is just a player… When he gets what he wants he’ll leave… Dont let this guy come into your life and ruin you… You’re a daughter of Zion…say No to the Spirit of Lust! Adeola cautioned her

But unfortunately…. What Abike felt for Tunde was strong… Whether Lust or Love…. She wanted him so badly… That she forgot all her father’s teaching and preaching against pre marital affair and s*x…. Even though they kept on ringing in her head…but she personally decided to pay no attention to it…. She has kept her sanity for long….after all she was already 16… Though not yet an adult per say…. But she was old enough to decide what to do…. So….she made a Decision not to dull if Tunde Shoot his Shot…. And it happened…. She was glad… Her first relationship ever…it was so sweet… Wonderful it was as if they were compatible…. Like they were meant to be… It was so perfect…. Well for Abike alone anyways ..because Tunde knew where he stood from the very moment he said Hello to her…. It was all a game between himself and his other friends….a Bet was places…. Just for him to get her….they’ll doubted anyone…. Not to talk of Tunde would get under Abike’s skirt…. She was disciplined… Decent and she has moral… In fact some people called her ‘Virgin mary’ some called her ‘pastor’ because if she wasn’t studying she was preaching…. She was indeed a daughter of zion… Mr Alabi loved her so dearly because of her closeness to God…he had other two children (sons) but Abike his only daughter and first child was the apple of his eyes… He trusted her so much… He believed in her… He could vouch for her anytime anyday and anywhere…. He knew what she can and cannot do…. Just like the back of his palm…he knew Abike so well… That even when he heard what happened or what she had done rather… He still doubted and beat his chest and said

“My Abike… Will never ever do such a thing… You can say Lanre can(the first son) but not my Abike” he was so damn sure of himself… He never believed Abike would get pregnant out of wedlock… Not just that…at the age of 16…. Ahh… With the level of trust her had for her….. It was hard for him to take it all in…

He was Furious

Terribly angry..

With himself for trusting her so much that he didn’t pay much attention to her because he felt she already knew everything…and she was capable of overcoming what ever that comes her way… Instead he channeled all his energy on his boys… Especially Lanre! Who was the dark sheep of the family

Abike knew she was doomed

She couldn’t even look her father in the eyes nor her mother…. In fact she wasn’t ready to beg for mercy

She knew she messed up
She knew she betrayed her fathers truth
She knew she was ruined the moment she decided to carry the baby
She knew all her dreams of becoming a lawyer was all in vain…. Because with the rage… And hatred in her father’s eyes…. She could clearly see no hope for her… If at all her allowed her remain under his roof… Which never happened

Not telling them who impregnated her fuel the issue even more

Mr Alabi knew that the damage had been done already
Everyene looked at their family with side eyes
He was released of his post at the church for a month and he had to sit at the back …. His wife too wasn’t left out… As a member of the women ministry… She was also released of her post…. These were people they held in high esteem… And all of a sudden… In a flash…. Everything came crushing down…..
Just because of Abike’s Lust….

“I give you from now until the weekend to get a place to live… Since youve grown so big to engage yourself into affairs then i think you can as well leave my house”

And just like that

Abike lost her family
The wonderful amd loving family she had

A caring supportive father

A wonderful mother
And lovely siblings

She lost a good home….a peaceful family

She left home to live with her maternal grandma…. Who was by then very aged…. And even close to her grave

It was from fire to fry pan

Life became harder than she thought

She never knew one could go through pain here on earth aside what she heard and read about hell fire

The pain In her heart grew

She hated herself

She… At that point… Hated God….

“You should have stopped me! You should have talked to me… You should have helped me… I’ve been faithful to you… I won souls for you…. I dedicated my whole life to you… You should have stop me… Why didn’t you erase this part of my destiny…why God… Why did you make my little mistake ruin my entire life… Dont i deserve mercy don’t I ?…

She poured out her heart to God

She needed an answer

But she forgot when her friend talked to her

When that gentle voice kept on telling her ‘the devil comes to steal,kill and destroy”.
She didn’t listen

Her desire took the best of her

She thought she was enjoying herself

Only if she was wise like the serpent

Only if she never loose guard

Just maybe

She wouldn’t find herself In that sorry situation!


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