October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤


📞Hello Ma📞

📞My dear how are You?📞

📞Am.fine Maami… How about you?📞

📞Ah! In doing just fine oh… In fact your Uncle sent some money and Food stuff.to me Yesterday… While i was just thinking how I’ll Survive next week and God Just made a way through him📞

Ebun sighed

📞Thats so nice of Him📞

📞Yes my dear… I’m Very sure he and his wife are taking. Care of you well 📞

📞Emmm… Yes Ma… But…. Theres. Something. I’d. Like to talk about📞

📞Oh…. Is it about Joy.?.. I know that lady will be goimg through so much stress because of her mother’s illness… Anumi shéy omo yén(i feel pity for her) 📞

📞Not that Maami…📞
Ebun said restlessly

📞Then what?📞

Ebun kept quite

📞i Know the boys are a handful but just hold on a little longer… They’re your cousins after all…. And you can’t just… 📞
Ebun sighed frustratedly and cut in

📞 Okay, okay Have heard you…. Motigbo Maami… I think i should go now…. Take care of yourself I’ll come see you as soon as i can📞

📞Alright my Gift…. Take…..📞 Ebun didn’t wait for her to finish before hanging up

“Gosh! She hit her hand on her head several times
“Why won’t anybody just listen to me huh?

She sighed deeply and stamp her feet on the floor continuously trying hard to hold back the anger that had welledup in her

“Aunty Ebun are you okay?

She looked up to see one of the boys

“Ermmm… Yea… Yea am fine…am okay” she stutter amd feigned a smile

“Are you sure? The boy pressed on

She tried to hold on with the fake smile

“Yea…. I’m sure”

The boy wasn’t buying her lies but he just had to let sleeping dog lie

“My daddy is calling you” he finally announced his mission

Ebun skin crawled as she heard the boy

“Huh? You say? She asked pretending not to hear before

“He’s in his room he said I should call you that there’s….” Ebun cut in immediately

“Tell him I’m sleeping”

The boy opened his eyes wide he was bewildered

“But you’re wide awake” he Retorted

“Err…I….” She ran short of words… She didn’t think before slipping out the words

“You always say All liers shall go.to hell fire…. But You’re lying now… first you lied that you’re fine when you’re not… Because I could see balls of sweat rolling down your forehead and you look agitated and upset….but you lied that everything is fine…and now you lied that you’re sleeping when you’re awake…Aunty do you want to go to hell?

Ebunoluwa stared at the 8years old in front of her…. She was shocked that he was able to sense that truly she wasn’t fine…. She was out of words completely…. All she could do was stared at the boy

“I’m sorry Aunty…. If I talk too much”. He said with a pleading face

“No no… Its fine” her tied tongue suddenly got loose

“Its fine…. I’m glad youve learnt so much and guess what Aunty Ebun is so proud of you…. You remembering lying is a sin would help you always say the truth….come here my boy” she draw him closer in her embrace and smiled

“I don’t know how that strolled out of my mouth…. It….” She halt trying not to lie again”
She released the boy from her embrace

“Tell him I’m coming”
She said

The boy nodded but before walking away he said

“Aunty Ebun. Remember you always tell I and my brother that if we come across anything that seems difficult or confusing we should take it to God in prayers that he has the Answer to all things and he can help us solve all problems. I don’t know what your problem might be… But like you always say Jesus is the Answer…. Why not talk to him…. I’m very sure he already has the answer and solution”

All her anger dissolved completely…

Her eyes welled up just waiting for a blink to stream down

She knelt before the boy to face me

“Thank you so much Desmond…. You’re a wonderful child…. I’m sure Jesus is proud of you right now just the way I’m…. Keep it up my boy. I pray you don’t face temption and problems you can’t overcome….Amen… Now run along…and meanwhile I owe you your favorite chocolate”

“Yesss! The boy screamed and ran off happily

Ebun sat back on the bed
She heave a deep sigh

Truly she had not talked to God about what was going on

For once

She felt she could handle a problem

She never thought God couldn’t do anything expect for herself

She was a lawyer… Yes!

She should be able. To handle case like this Right!

Maybe she’ was just to busy
Thinking of what was going on
She was too busy looking for a way to solve it
Or she just didn’t take it too serious as to pray about it

Which ever the case maybe

She didn’t involve God
And Guess what?

God allowed her to deal with it all by her self.!

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