October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤


Living with her uncle was way better than what she had expected….
With was she had seen she would say they were one happy family….

She never experienced what if felt like to have a Complete family…

In no time… She started her Internship at a firm…. And she was doing well
One month after she moved into Her uncle’s house… His wife’s mother became ill do she had to travel home to check up on her… Leaving Her two children in the care of Ebun

Joy(Lanre’s wife) wanted to tell Ebun the kind of man her husband was… She knew the man never tales his eyes off anything under the skirt… But the lady do not know how Ebun was going to take it in… Maybe she would understand and see thing from her own view… Or she would use it against her…so instead of taking chances…. Joy decided to let the sleeping dog lie…

Ebun was old enough
And besides she wasn’t sure her husband would be so stupid to want to have anything to do with his own Niece

That would be Incredible!

Joy finally traveled….. First week after she left went on as it used to be…. But from the second week… Lanre returned home everyday with a gift for Ebun… At every slightest opportunity he complimented her… At first Ebun didn’t see any problem with it… But when he started crossing the line by trying to touch her in some sensitive part….. She knew what the man was really up to… She quit receiving his gifts and frowned whenever he made some silly jokes…. But the man didn’t relent in fact he was all over her… It became too much that She considered leaving the house…. But she couldn’t… Joy left the children in her cared…. She couldn’t leave just like that

She wanted to tell her Mother what was going on… But she didn’t even know how to start explaining it…. And she didn’t know how her mother would take it…maybe she would believe her or not… So she just kept it to herself… Pray to God to help her overcome… And also pray For Joy to return back before things get out of hand….

Well unfortunately

Matter became everything more uglier by the day

The man never gave her breathing space

“Uncle what do you really want from me huh?
Ebun asked angrily

“Its you… Iwò ni mô fé.(its you i want). Just give the chance too…. ” she didn’t allow him finish

“To do what? Uncle can you even hear yourself talk…. For crying out loud I’m your sister’s daughter…. Kini gbogbo ràdáràdà yí ?(whats all these rubbish)

“Wò Gbagbe òró(forget about)… Sister’s Daughter jare… Look we can donthis thing without anybody knowing… Okínshé omodè Mó naw..”(youre no longer a child)

Ebunoluwa looked at the man as if he was going insane…

“You’re a very beautiful and Attractive lady…. Its not easy for a man to resist you”

“Uncle you should be able to resist me…we’re family! Emàjékî awón eyan gbo nko tí én sór lé nú(Dont let anyone hear what you’re saying)

“Forget about people… Just let us do this thing peaceful… I promise I’ll do everything in my power to make you happy… I’ll…..” Ebun hissed and walked out on him without hearing the nonsense he was slipping out

“This man must be insane”

Ebun said as she dialed his wife’s number

Before she could even say anything the lady spoke immediately

📞I’m so sorry for staying longer than I said… I’m sure those boys are giving you tough time… Ejó emàbínù… I’ll be coming back this weekend… Just help me hold on a little bit please📞

And just like that she could talk about the main reason why she called in the first place

After she dropped the call

Ebun hit her head with her palm..

“Oh my God! What’s all these rubbish… How long can I keep up with all these?… And I thought its only in the movies such thing happens…. This is so unbelievable”

“I’ll hold on…. But I just pray this man dont piss me off to the extent I can’t take it…. I just dont want to imagine what will happen”

Ebun continued talking to herself

Thinking of how some men can be so 🤔 Stup*d

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