October 21, 2021

🌷New Story 🌷 🌺Title🌺 🍁VICTIM🍁 🌸OF🌸 💮 CIRCUMSTANCES💮 ❣Inspired by Falz child of the world ❣ 🌼BY🌼 ❤PricelessGift❤



For once since Abike moved in with Iyaa Agba… The old woman has never been so worried and concerned about her until the day she put to bed…. Iyaa Agba paced around in the waiting room.

“She’s only a Small girl…. Òmó Kékérè ní” she told anyone that cared to listen…. Though the nurses tried to calm her down… Telling her everything would be fine… She just had to pray for the struggling girl in the Labor room…

Abike… Had gone through a lot since she left her parents house to live in the village…. Within the past months she would say she had been living in hell… But…. The hell she was in while in the Labor room was quiet different from what she had experience…. It was really terrible…. For once in months she remembered God do exist… That he could her hear… And he was willing and ever ready to help… Her… In the mist of her pains… She knew she couldn’t do it all by her self… She was weak to push…. Two good hours of pain was an unforgettable Event of her life… She struggled hard to Survive and not just her this time… For her baby also to survive…

While battling in the Labor room…. She for once wished she Had listened to Tunde…. She wished he didn’t carry the pregnancy…. She just wished…… She didn’t have to go through so much pain…. After all what she had been through for the past months….

How her life took another turn in a twinkling of an eyes still left her overwhelmed…. She never knew she would find herself in such sorry situation…

After so much struggle to deliver…

But to no avail… It was really a tough time for her amd even the doctor

Seeing that she was unable to deliver the child herself They suggested for a CS…. And it was a 50/50 chance… It was either the Mother stay or the child… They didn’t see both Mother and child surviving

On hearing this… Iyaa Agba called her daughter (Abike’s mother) to inform her of what was going on… Just as every mothers would do no matter how upset they’re with their child…. She was panicking… She begged Her husband to allow her Go see her daughter…. But surprisingly…. This man declined bluntly with no atom of pity…. The woman tried to beg him… But he told her if she left then she should remain there

What should we call this? Hmm

His wife couldn’t do otherwise…she wished she could go see her daughter…. She wanted to be there for her… She knew what it meant to be in Labor… Then imagine a 16 years old going through the pain she went through…. This thought pierced her heart… She wanted to take the risk…. But on a second thought… She concluded it didnt worth it…. But that did not stop her from praying for her daughter right from where she was

Whether it was Her mother’s prayer
Her own prayers
Her Grandma’s
The Nurses, Doctors or anyone who cared to pray for her

Or maybe…. God just wanted to have mercy on her….

But which ever way….
She survived

Her Baby too…was Hale and Hearty

After all…. God deserved all the Thanks…. No one not even the doctors believed she would make it out alive… In fact the doctor said she happened to be the first person to spend more than 2hrs in the labor room and came out alive without an operation…

So tell me
Don’t you think its God’s doing?
Yes it is😊
She survived for a purpose
Her daughter came out without any Deformation like the doctor said

Looking deep into her New born’s eyes… She called her ‘Ebunoluwa’ which means ‘Gift of God’

Indeed the girl was a gift from the most high… To her(Abike)

Abike couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked at her Baby

‘What a Beautiful creature” one of the nurses complimented

“Her eyes are lovely” Another put in immediately

“And she has the cutest smile” Another said
And just as if the little one could hear them.all She smiled brightly

Tears of Joy streamed down Abike’s cheeks

“I love you so much my darling” she whispered softly to the already sleeping child

“You’re the apple of my eyes”

“I promise to watch over you… With everything that I have…. I’ll be a mother and a father to you… I’ll be a complete family to you… Just make me proud Ebun mí” Abike Said emotionally which made the people present shed tears

It was indeed a touching scenario to watch 😊😪

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