If life is a teacher what have you learnt?
If life is a coach what have you mastered?
If life is a trade what have you gained?
Have you learnt, mastered, gained enough to rule the world?
Friends your past, your present, your desires, your experience, your losses, your failures and successes.
All in one is no other word but LIFE, it is just life and LIFE is what it’s called.
Don’t experience life or expect to experience life like another person.
Everything that happens in your life only leads to one goal{ YOUR DISCOVERY}.There are no better ways aside what you have experienced been experiencing and will experience just to sharp your life.

We all have different paths and races to life. So no matter how you run, run alone no matter how you fail or fall rise again.

In your journey note one constant thing you cannot be careful enough to always get it right.

Trust that God handles your flaws and imperfections whatever life has taught you, you won’t still be a master
You don’t have to know when God handles your flaws but he always does so feel free you are covered.

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